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P. Diddy: Been around the world

Intro: MaseYo yo, this Mase, youknowhatI'msayin?You got niggaz that don't like me for whatever reasonYou got niggaz that don't wanna see me richYou got niggaz that's mad, cause I'm always with they bitchThen you got niggaz that just don't like meYou know, the, those P.H.D. niggazBut you know I pop a lot of shit but I back it up thoughsee it's a difference, a lot of niggaz pop shitBut a lot of niggaz don't make hitsBut it's like this whole Bad Boy shitwe come to bring it to y'all niggaz, me, B.I., Puff, Lox, whoeverBlack RobIf you wanna dance, we danceVerse One: MaseNow trick what? Lace who? That ain't what Mase doGot a lot of girls that'd love to replace youTell you to your face Boo, not behind your backNiggaz talk shit, we never mind thatFunny, never find that, Puff a dime stackWrite hot shit, and make a nigga say, 'Rewind that'Niggaz know, we go against the Harlem JigaloGetcha hoe, lick her low, make the bitch, hit the do'I represent honies with money fly guys with gemsDrive with the tints that be thirty-five percentHoes hope I lay so I look both waysCop says, 'OK, my tint smoke gray'No way, nigga leave without handin me my shitGot plans to get my Land and my 6Niggaz outta pen'll understand this shitPop champagne like I won a championship (uhh, uhh)Chorus: sung by Notorious B.I.G.spoken words by PuffBeen around the world and I I IAnd we been playa hated [say what?]I don't know and I don't know whyWhy they want us faded [ahehe]I don't know why they hate us [yeah]Is it our ladies? [uh-huh]Or our drop Mercedes [uhh, uhh]Bay-bee bay-BEE!Verse Two: Puff DaddyI was in one bedroom, dreamin of a million (yeah)Now I'm in beach houses, cream to the ceiling (that's right)I was a gentleman, livin in tenementsNow I'm swimmin in, all the women that be tens (hoo)Went from Bad Boys to the Crushed Linen MenNow my divi-dends be the new Benjamins (uh-huh)Hoes of all complexions, I like cinnamonMase you got some hoes well nigga, send em in (c'mon)What you waitin for, let the freak show beginHow they came in a truck? (Mase: Nah Puff, that's a Benz)Mercedes, c'mere baby, you don't like the wayit's hot and hazy, never shady, you must be crazyIt's ridiculous, how you put your lips on thisDon't kiss right there girlfriend I'm ticklish (heheh)And I be switchin fees with a wrist full of G'sNigga please, I'm the macaroni with the cheeseChorusVerse Three: Puff Daddy, MaseNow Puff rule the world, even though I'm youngI make it my biz to see that all ladies come (yeah)Get em all strung from the tip of my tongueLick em places niggaz wouldn't dare put they faces (c'mon)Before I die, hope I, remake a flow byIn the brand new treasure on a old tryNow when my third dry, even when the smoke lieEat the mami's chocha and drive her locaWe never ride far, packed five in a carSave money for the drinks, I'm about to buy the bar (yeah)And everywhere I drive I'm a star, little kidsall on the corner scream, 'That's my car!'It was days couldn't be fly, now I'm in a T.I.Come in clubs with B.I., now a nigga V.I. (uh-huh)Rock tons of gold, nuff money I foldRoll the way you wanna roll, break a hundred out the toeChorus w/ slight modificationsline 1, Puff: C'mon, yeah yeah, uh-huhline 2, Puff: We been playa hated!line 3, Puff: Why?line 4, Puff: Why they want us hated!line 5, Puff: Why they hate us?line 6, Puff: Is it our ladies?line 7, Puff: Say what?line 8, Puff: Yeah, bay-bee bay-BEE!Chorus w/ Puff talking while B.I.G. singsYou know, sometimes I gotta ask myselfWhy's there so much jealousy in the world?Don't look at mine, get yours(music fades)Radio Show from B.I.G.'s album continued:OK after these messages we'll be back withthe Mad Rapper and his brother the Mad Producer, after this*applause*OK just sit back, relax, and enjoy yourselfWe'll get you through thisTake a sip of water, deep breath, that'll do itAnd welcome back as you can see (You got the check though?)I'm Trevor Jones and I'm sitting inI've been conversing with the Mad Rapper (Did you get the check though?)and he's still pretty madBut, this time he brought someone else with himand quite frankly (yeah yeah) he's even madder (You god damn right!)Mr. Producer (yo, youknowhatI'msayin) why are you so mad?Yo, Iiiiiii, I'ma I'ma keep it real simple for youYeah t-t-t-t-t-tell them niggaz why you mad son!Tell them niggaz why you mad son!(OK, gentlemen please, one at a time)Tell em why you mad son, word up, tell em why you mad son!YouknowhatI'msayin? Iiiiiii, Iiiiiii be I be I beenI been, I been here for the culture, youknowhatI'msayin?I don't, I don't, I don't, I don'tI don't be recognizin all that new jack shitYo we don't play, we don't play that shit youknowhatI'msayin?(Please Mr. Producer, explain yourself, Mr. Rapper, please calm down)That nigga be on some bullshit, youknowhatI'msayin?We ain't, we don't do that shit, word, yeahHe ain't no real producer neitherAnd then come to find out youknowhatI'msayinMy brother hipped me to it, the nigga tryin to rap now!Oh yeah, that's the shit that got me mad!(Please, Mr. Rapper, once again)That's the shit that got me mad!That's the shit, youknowhatI'msayin?(It's a family oriented show)YouknowhatI'msayin? That's the shit that feds me up(Gentlemen, please)Word up, youknowhatI'msayin?(Disregard the foul language)I'm watchin this nigga video youknowhatI'msayin?They got mermaids swimmin in they living rooms and shitlike that youknowhatI'msayin?This nigga dancin in the rain with kids climbin up mountains and shitYouknowhatI'msayin?I'm I'm I'm watchin this nigga video(I'm gonna have to ask you to refrain from the language)the car goin two hundred miles an hourWHERE THE FUCK IS HE GOIN?!(Please Mr. Rapper, please refrain from the foul language)The nigga climbin out the fuckin car!(One more time)Let me see you try that shit on a train!YouknowhatI'msayin? Try that shit on a fuckin trainWhat kind of shit, youknowhatI'msayin?Got a thousand niggaz write for him, let ME write for youSon my shit is jumpin, I got John Blaze shit...
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P. Diddy: Been around the world

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P. Diddy: Been around the world
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P. Diddy: Been around the world

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