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P Diddy: Diddy

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P Diddy

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P Diddy: Diddy

(feat. Neptunes)

Its Bad Boy Baby
And we won't stop
(I like that) 'Cause we can't stop
Let me tell you something

[Verse I]
Sometimes I rhyme slow, sometimes I rhyme quick
I was on 1-2-5 and Saint Nich
Chillin' with these chick
Named Tondalea
Was a hot girl and everybody wanted to slay her
She wasn't fond of players
Only wanted ballers
To spoil her
Six figures and camcorders
So what you trying to tell me dear
I got Bentley, Benz send in Mr. Belvedere
I just want to blow your mind
I'm talkin' literally blow your mind
My repratoir is Menage Trois
And exotic cars chilling with the hottest stars
And it ain't no stopping this
I can't help it I'm an optomist
And Ima make ya head bop to this
And at the end you gon rock to this
Now say my name

Its the D the I the D the D the Y
The D the I the D
It's Diddy, (Hold Up) It's Diddy (That's crazy)
It's the D the I the D the D the Y
The D the I the D
Its Diddy, (Hold Up), It's Diddy (Say What!)

[Verse II]
Ay yo, I came in the door
I said it before
I never the ladiez hyptonize me no more
But, back to the manuscript
'Cause I don't think you can handle this
From New York to Los Angles
I think the whole world scandalous
I'm just trying to keep the candles lit
Make the party people dance to this
Get out your seat and clap your hands to this
Cause I came too far
For me to be bouswar
It's a Bently to you, to me it's a blue car
So Branson pass me a jar
Cause these cats done went too far
One phone call send two cars
And still get searched by security guards
I guess that's what I have to do
Take the game international
Now what you call me

[Hook Repeat]

(La La La La La La La La La La La La)
C'mon work it out girl
I'm trying to see you work it out girl
(La La La La La La La La La La La La)
C'mon work it out girl
I wanna see you work it out girl

[Verse III]
Now hold up, stop, wait a minute
We don't stop we rock cause ain't a limit
My aim is winning
Got asian women
That'll change my linen
After I done blazed and hit em
But I just wanna rock wit you
And take it straight to the top with you
And do what I gots to do
If it's possible
Cause I ain't trying to stop you boo
I got an agenda
Got on a ninja
One wheelin' and killin' it not to offend ya
That's when I met this chick named Brenda
Tender, her whole body bend like fender
So let me see you shake it girl
I just wanna see you shake it girl
For the return of the don
The world in my palm
My mom calls me Sean
But y'all call me

[Hook Repeat]
(La La La La La La La La La La La)
C'mon work it out girl
(La La La La La La La La La La La)
I wanna see you work it out girl
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P Diddy: Diddy

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P Diddy: Diddy


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