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P. Diddy: I love you baby

(I'll always be there for you)[Puff] Yeah(I'll never betray you)[Puff] Mmm, mmm, mmm(I love you baby)[Puff] I love you babyVerse One: Black RobI met her Uptown on Dyckman, aight thenTalkin that, how she only dealt with businessmenNiggaz baggin joints, money off and on the booksThe ones who stand firm like ain't, nuttin shookabout them, I doubt them cats waitin for meYou know them niggaz, them big dudes across the streetShe say, "Yeah, they from over on Mayfair"Bullets from out of nowhere, told her to stay there and duck downI hit the ground but managed to pull a piece outThis bitch over them with them pointin the chief outThey want beef out here, they gon' get itin the worst way, I'ma show em how Black playRoll the dice, fuckin with me is like snake eyesI break guys, sit back and watch my cake riseIt's all about the Benjamins, true that be the mottoRan out of ammo and started, throwin bottlesRunnin, and I ain't lookin back for shitCrooked ass bitch, today I get you back for this(I'll get you back)Chorus: repeat 2XI love you baby No you don'tYou drive me crazy That's rightI'll never betray thee UhhI love you baby C'monVerse Two: Black Rob (starts rapping during the chorus)Yo since the last altercation I been goin to streetSeein honey at the club ery week and I speakI'ma rock that ass to sleep before I strikeI ain't know the real deal until last nightHow, one of them brothers was locked with bankrollUsed to call my crib to see seventy-fourKick rhymes over the phone for hours he had the dacbabe bro told him, 'You wanna get money, see Blackwhen you get home', we never had chance to get upAnd wouldn't have, if his gun had left me hit upHe'd explain how his whole crew was slappin honeyBesides all that, she owed them cats a lot of moneyFunny how it's a small world, baby girlYouse about to get, fucked with no jailI'ma sit back and watch this cake finish bakinAnd plan your extermination, wordChorusVerse Three: Puff DaddyIt took a while to peep your style, Miss I-be-in-workinLow profile single, house in Staten Islandand Manhattan while, them same catsyou sent to get me boo, is on they to get youFuckin witchu, that small time crack dealin niggaHe a bitch too, they gon' bust his shit tooShit's real, you think you gonna set me upAnd get away scot free without some type of injuryNah kill it, I'ma flip the script on youSame thing you did to me, I'ma do it to youWho knew she was the female RamboFill one of they chest with four soon as he came in the doorLife is out, snuffed all they mans inIn the end, she had to be the Last Bitch StandinNot for long the buck the forty-four strongJust like that she was gone, now it's overAssumin I'll go back to my everyday lifeOf a rich millionaire just rockin the micGotta pause, and think about honey no doubtand admire how the chick went outChorus: repeat to fade
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P. Diddy: I love you baby

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P. Diddy: I love you baby
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P. Diddy: I love you baby

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