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P. Diddy: My best friend

[Puffy (Mario)]I've seen a lot of things in my lifeAlot of ups and downsMade alot of mistakesNo matter what, you've always been by my sideYou've always been my best friendYou're the love of my life (Oh)You're everything to me (Oh)You never left my side (You're my best friend)I love you so much (Yes, you are)You're my best friend[Puffy]Since the beginning of timeAll you did was bless menToo young to understand but now you my best friendHow could they doubt you, never think about youDon't they know nothing's possible without youFaith without fear that's how they raised meWords of man kill but never phase meGrateful for wisdom that you gave meBut still I'm like, dear God I wonder, could you save me?Too much sinning, gotta be more than plush livingGotta be more than grabbing nines to buck tin inGotta be more than just to lust womenGotta be more than platinum Rolexes, 600's and crushed linenPraise your name, I know some of them hate their dueJudgment day, don't they know they can't escape your crewI'm just trying to live right and pray you take me throughAnd with this song I dedicate to you, my Lord[1] - [Mario Winans]Lord, you mean the world to meBefore I was born you chose meYou always hear me when I'm callingEven catch me when I'm fallingYou're the closest one to meI surrender all to theeI want the whole wide world to seeThat we've always been and we'll always beBest friends[Puffy]Sometimes I reminisce and wonder how I made it this farBecause of you, I'm me, so you the real starYour hindsight, the time's right to get my mind tightThen give it to you and let it shine brightMy best friend, only know how to teach the truthPlant the seeds of life and let them eat the fruitCan't you see that He spread love for youShed blood for you, cry for and die for youWillies with mac millies know how you get downWe know the drama you bring whenever you hit townJust remember when you pray, God is loveGracious, merciful, forgive even the hardest thugsLife as we know it, it all begins with HimLife as we know it, it all ends with HimIf I was you I would never try to pretend with HimHe might spaz and blow it, I'm best friends with him[Repeat 1][Puffy]Been two and a half years since my man Big passedBeen two and a half years since my world crashedI needed help, God gave me the powerGave me the strength to go face to face with my darkest hourLooked me in the eyes and ask "What you doing unhappy?""Don't you know why I'm here?" and started shooting at meBack to the wall, is my faith gonna play outNever wavered once, gave me no way outYour time to die, don't even stress the dateYou're coming with me, your soul I'm next to takeI told him "I'm too much blessed with faith""And living for Christ" and then he said "Manifest the great"All of a sudden, what I'm rememberingGround started to shake, everything tremblingThe power of the truth was shooting through my TimberlandsHere was my Lord Jesus Christ, my best friend again, come on[Repeat 1 While:][Puffy]You mean everything to meYou've been with me from day oneEven when I thought nobody was thereYou were thereYou're my best friendI love you like no otherThere is no feeling like this in the worldIf you can relate to what I'm feelingPut your hands in the air for meLet me see youNaw, matter of fact clap your hands for meClap your hands, come onThank you JesusYou always hear me when I'm callingAlways catch me when I fall, yeahI surrender all to theeI want the whole world to seeThat you've always been, you'll always beMy best friendI love you JesusThank you, forgive me for my trespassesAs I forgive those who trespass against meThank you
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P. Diddy: My best friend

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P. Diddy: My best friend
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P. Diddy: My best friend

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