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P. Diddy: No way out

Kelly Price:Theres no wayNo way (No)No WayNo way (No)Nowhere to go.Theres no way out.No way.No way (No)Theres no wayNo way (No)Nowhere to turn.Theres no way out.P. Diddy:Im ready to call it quits from all this shit.Even resign from the niggaz I been balling withIm second guessing, all this negative energy.Its making me realize why niggaz really envy.I feel no sympathy.Its tight ill, plus I get slight chills when I write wills.Tired of looking at these ugly niggaz with ice grills.No telling what I might feel about my glory.Two sides to every story.Thats why I pray to god hoping that he reassure me.The more the pain, the more to gain.Come with this territory.I might dispose.Feeling like my life been chose.All I know, in my life a lot of ice and hoes.When its on.My man there, gat in his hand. (No)What you do when you got a master plan, but half don ran. (No)Heres your chance to prove you love me. (No)Its on and stubby.So hot, its feeling muggy.Do you really know?Chorus:Theres no wayNo way (No)No WayNo way (No)Nowhere to go.Theres no way out.No way.No way (No)Theres no wayNo way (No)Nowhere to turn.Theres no way out.Black Rob:I feel like this.Approach me with beef, get done.I shoot through pants, no chance to pull for your gun.Man, a lot of yall cats cant stand that one on one.Wind up getting embarrassed right in front of your hon.Despite the bullshit, Black still here making hits.Down that Chelsea Spears, me and Puff taking flicks.No matter what, e gotta come strapped with out gats.We dont want to but yall make us act like that.Picture a thousand Bad Boy cats ready to blam you.La familia, I steal, yall know ho my fam do.Man-handle tracks that be laced by now.Rolex watch, security straight from Mas.Yo, Im all on my own, g.Who should I trust?Niggaz bust BIG, now it seems they want us.Its like no matter what I do, I cant escape it.Aint no going around.And soon, Ima be a man and just face it.Chorus:Theres no wayNo way (No)No WayNo way (No)Nowhere to go.Theres no way out.No way.No way (No)Theres no wayNo way (No)Nowhere to turn.Theres no way out.P. Diddy:It takes heart just to live in these streets.You niggaz let the heat take the bitter with the sweet.They cant hurt me no more than they already did.They killed Big, in my heart he forever lives.Theres no way out like you got berretas to my wig.We must love, and another blood shed my ribs.Ugh, now the question is will I survive?Nigga gotta make home.I gotta still provide.And I get the vibe niggas wanna list and try.Aint no telling what this bad boy feel inside.Blood hit you, sweat and pain be intensified.Im feeling stranded as if I cant hitch a ride.Now I tell my seed men amise a genocide.Plus Im dangerous, soul no more feels painless.And you know hat you tell them niggas who cant touch you.You grab your nuts and say motha fuck you.You invited.Got guns, be indicted.And if they kill me, me and Big reunite.What nigga!What nigga!What nigga!Kelly Price:Theres no wayNo way (No)No WayNo way (No)Nowhere to go.Theres no way out.
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P. Diddy: No way out

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P. Diddy: No way out
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P. Diddy: No way out

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