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P. Diddy: Pain

There's times in my life where I justI just wanna run away, I justI just wish the pain would stopI don't wanna cry no moreI wish the pain would go awayStart a day, bad hands make it hard to dealSometimes I wanna pull it, end it all with a bulletHard to live life to the fullest with all this bullshitMad as fuck, a nigga had enoughFrom jump street, saw my father murder massacre slainOne shot took half of his brain, I recapture the painTwenty-three years, three when it happenedTwenty-six now, still I can't stop the tearsThen my mood switch, thinkin about this sheisty bitchKinda funny cause they fake it when they callin you honeyOn your dick when they think a nigga, might be richThat's when I shit, cause I know you fuck with me for my moneyLearned the hard way, ain't no correctin the griefBaby moms starts sexin, my so-called beefDon't give a fuck if they Marked me For Death like Stevenor relievin your breathin, long as I'm even 'fore I'm leavinPain...I wish this pain, would go awayWe're talkin about the kind of pain thatI wish this pain, would go awayjust gets all up in your heart, and in your soulI wish this pain, would go awayThe kind of pain that makes you feel like you can't go on no moreI wish this pain, would go awayThe kind of pain that I wouldn't wish on anyoneI can't relate to them cats who hold gats at the gateIs it my fate, am I that nigga, that they love to hateSolely, slowly, cause I rock a Roley they want my brain goneCause of a fuckin chain on?Migraine's on, now the pain's warm, I staggerAnd I'm hopin I don't know the cat with the daggerPenetratin my heart, rushed thoughts etched in griefTo the City College deceased may you rest in peaceTo the families, I never meant to cause no painI know the truth, but if you want, then I shoulder the blameOvercome at times by uncontrollable flames, and multiple painsNow it seems like I'm goin insaneFor the love of you and hip-hop I expand the newsBut before my shit drops, I stand accusedDon't you think I wish we all was rich?One for all it's pain to see your people when they all can't ballThe pain..I wish this pain, would go awayI wish this pain, would go awayI don't wanna give no more painI wish this pain, would go awayI don't wanna receive no more painI wish this pain, would go awayGod, please take the pain awayI can still hear the shots that left my man Big layinon my knees cryin and prayin, then I said"God why? Got to know how hard we tryDon't let him die, please don't let my nigga be dead"But it was too late, California sealed his fateGone now, hard to move on now, fuck making songs nowWish I could die, I could flyIf they don't give a fuck, fuck it why should I?That's when Big spoke, pulled up in a glistening 3with platinum wings and said, "Puff listen to me"He puts his hands on my head and said "I live through youMake hits continuous, this is what we doI know it might be strenous and times is hardJust keep the faith cause now we rhyme with GodPlus you owe it to yourself and don't forget the kids"That's when I opened up my eyes and new Bad Boy livesI wish this pain, would go awayI wish this pain, would go awayOne day the pain is gonna stopI wish this pain, would go awayOne day there's gonna be no more painI wish this pain, would go away[Notorious B.I.G.]I'm tellin you mannow don't let these motherfuckers fuck your shit up GodI don't give a fuck WHO it isDon't let em fuck yo' paper man, please BigFocus your mind man, do your albums, make them hot jointsman fuck these niggaz manFuck these niggaz manAnd I'ma tell the same thing to youWhen you get your shit done, watch your money, andhopefully, I pray for you, you be the shitAnd soon motherfuckers start screamin your name outlike they screamin all these other, so-called hot niggazNever take your eyes off that shit yoTry to get everything you can out of these motherfuckers yoAin't no guarantee they gonna love you next year...I wish this pain, would go awayI wish this pain, would go awayOne day the pain is gonna stopI wish this pain, would go awayOne day there's gonna be no more painI wish this pain, would go awayOne day the pain is gonna stopI wish this pain, would go awayOne day there's gonna be no more pain
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P. Diddy: Pain

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P. Diddy: Pain
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P. Diddy: Pain

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