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Z-RO: Paper Game

[Chorus - 2x]
All my niggas stay alive in this dirty game
Niggas working 9 to 5 in this dirty game
But all my niggas gone survive in this dirty game
Because we pack a 45 in this dirty game

Everyday my mind is set on money making ways
Even kick in doors, I can't be broke in money making days
I can't get no job in a white man's world that's why I live so raw
I can't watch my children starve homeboy so watch me break the law

[Chorus - 2x]

Ramon noodles, t.v. dinners ain't no way to live
Rather be holding slab while grabbing grain rolling airport load for sive
In the streets of Houston Texas hustlers living in the cuts
On a mission chasing paper got no time for gold digging hoes get off my nuts

[Chorus - 2x]

I'm turning suicidal in my older age, this game'll freeze you to death
And eveyrday I face the coldest stage
Tell me does every nigga that's thugging got to struggle to bubble
And so I'm ready to laugh successfully you don't want no troule
Cause I'm living more rugged than rougher than the rockiest road
I'm paronoid for life, got to keep a glock in the load
Am I addicited to caine (watch that tooting line)
Could it be a nigga that's hard to locate is somebody you could find
Z-Ro, certified platinum on a million dollar paper chase
Pulling up next to the police and blowing this weed in they face
But they try to blow my high when I'm on this hyper toiliking weed
But I'm gonna slice skills with hands that'll make you vomet and bleed
Aunte be worrying about me so I'm trying to get her to smile
But I know she know I'm wanted dead or alive
Got to keep my mind on my money making maneuvers cause my hustle is strong
A lot of fools get lazy now they hustle is gone
But I'm a hustler for life

[Chorus - 2x]

[Z-Ro talking]
Nigga hell yeah, know what I'm saying
Bridgemont Texas baby coming straight at you
Motherfucking 199 motherfucking 7
For real we ain't even gone play with you nigga
We coming so motherfucking real
Bridge man hustlers on the corner selling cheese
Trying to stack g's, got to pay my motherfucking bills nigga
Can you understand me, I'ma forver be a hustling nigga
A hustler for real, I wouldn't even bullshit with you
I'm telling you for real niggas going down in this bitch
Bridgemore Entertainment, Afterlife Productions is coming down nigga
You can't feel us, you can't stop us fuck around and get, man hold up man
Man you fuck around and get mashed on for real we coming around this bitch
For self Bridgemont, we hustlers for life nigga, straight four for life nigga
Mo City, man hold up
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Z-RO: Paper Game

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Z-RO: Paper Game
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Z-RO: Paper Game

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