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Z-RO: Respect My Mind

Dubya-dubya-dubya-dot, fuckallayall dot com
Run up if you want to nigga

[Intro: Z-Ro harmonizing]
Blues ain't the way that I lose
How I get gray hair
Take a bruisin the way I been bruised
And you'll see why I don't care
Respect my mind - cause I'll kill you nigga
Bitch I'll kill you niggaz, you better
Respect my mind - cause I'll kill you niggaz
Cause I will kill you nigga
Cause I don't wanna feel
Someone else's weapon... so

[Chorus: Z-Ro]
I load my AK, don't think I won't spray
You bitch niggaz gon' lay, you won't catch me runnin
When - I load my AK, don't think I won't spray
You bitch niggaz gon' lay, you won't catch me runnin

I become a soldier when it's war time
That's all I really know cause all I've had are hard times
And ain't nobody bendin down with me, I'm on my own
Duckin and dodgin infrareds aimin for my dome
I got enemies in every state, city and hood
Plus my relationship with my friends ain't no good
Therefore I roll with Katie cause she's a bad bitch
One squeeze ten motherfuckers bleed and need a casket
No need to reload, I promise I'ma drop 'em all
Screamin "Remember me?" as motherfuckers stop and fall
Ain't no remorse, ain't no love in my life cycle
Cause when your family out to get you it be twice as vital
I'm not tryin to be a statistic of a thug war
Call me ridiculous but I won't hesitate to slug for it
That's on my momma trust, nobody but friends to my kin
For the slightest disrespect I'ma commit another sin
When I...

[Chorus] - 1/2

Tragedies happen in my world everytime I breathe
So I'm paranoid and trigger happy until I leave
I got a 357, a 45, and a gauge
But Ms. Katie put mo' motherfuckers on the front page
If I gotta pull a trigger I'ma shoot to kill
Not tryin to hurt ya, I'ma try to leave you stiff as steel
Cause I ain't tryin to watch my back when I'm out in public
So when I blast that's yo' ass you went out and dusted
But I'm not tryin to send the wrong message to the kids
I'm just sayin even if you young they'll stil split ya wig
And I'd be wrong if I told you to let a nigga do ya
I practice what I preach and ride with much more then a Ruger
I guess the Lord'll deal with me at the end of time
I'm not a killer but motherfuckers gon' respect my mind
That's on my mama trust, nobody but friends to my kin
For the slightest disrespect I'll put ya spirit in the wind
When I...

[Chorus] - 1/2


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Z-RO: Respect My Mind

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Z-RO: Respect My Mind
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Z-RO: Respect My Mind

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