Philly's Most Wanted: Shake

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Philly's Most Wanted

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Philly's Most Wanted: Shake

(featuring DJ Kool)

{*"Shake" repeated throughout all verses*}

(Intro - DJ Kool)
This is the legendary DJ Kool!
They are Philly's Most Wanted!
The jump off starts here!
The jump off starts right now!
Come on now!

(Verse 1 - Boobonic)
It's them boys, that know where to take to make ya
Philly's Most back, at it keep a beat that
Quick apply pressure, to a boil, to ya bitch just break
Break, break, break, break
You can +Cross the Border+ if the bridge out
Take the water, another broad that can take order
Just stand there, ya body so mean
Standin in those 'Suco jeans, let's go
The DJ's Kool, I'm in red form
Jeans cone watch 'em dance, like watching porn
And it's on, at the yard fest, watch 'em swarm
They know we about to perform, now where it cool at
Prolly gettin' this man, but where the pool at
At the back entrance, where they "ah" and "oh" at
That motherf**king ass on the dance floor
Let the kids now if you want more, more

(Chorus - DJ Kool)
If you here getting ya drink on (Shake)
Turn around and get ya freak on (Shake)
Meet me on the dance floor now (Shake)
Come on, you can do it now (Shake)
Too all the ladies in the club now (Shake)
Get ya hands in the air now (Shake)
If you wearing a damn thong (Shake)
And you liking this here damn song (Shake)
Come on now! (Shake)

(Verse 2 - Mr.)
Now get ya back up off the wall
See all you gotta do is dance baby girl, come on get it down
It don't matter how you do it, you can Harlem
You need a drink to get you loose, it's not a problem
Order one, drink it all, make a freak scene
Then make ya bumper hit my long black limousine
Let me tell you, listen close, what I really mean
Move ya skirt, so ya clothes can't intervene
Cold since I been a team, Joel, I was getting green
Nothin' changed, it's the same routine
Please don't mind me, she love my lean
A dream, y'all mean, that'll take her to gets in
While I spin and she grin, off that Bombay Gin
I'm so +Kool+, like that +DJ+ from D.C
I'm invincible, can't nobody see me
We bout a breezy, we take it easy


(Verse 3 - Boobonic)
Look, try to reach me, my flow is beastly
And when again, toss ain't easy, go back to you chick
Quit playing, easy smash ya breezy
And give her room 104, betcha need me

Cause every breezy, they know the number one rule
They clear our souls, like we DJ Kool
Dig, the life of some gangstas
Since young boys, we was known to stack paper

(Boo) Ay, 50 told ya about them +Wanksta's+
(Mr.) And Most Wanted told you bout them +Suckas+
(Boo) Look for skills, we was raised around straight up gangstas
(Mr.) Believe they past off them hustles, so thank you
(Boo) Now accounts can't help but bank us
(Boo) And they know it, so them hoes gon' love us
(Mr.) Homie trust us, they don' caught the vapors
(Mr.) For real hope my wheel, just chill while we make them


(Outro - DJ Kool)
Come on, come on!
Come on, come on!
Put ya drinks in the air right now!
Ladies and gentlemen!
I am the legendary DJ Kool!
They are the world renowed!
Philly's Most Wanted! Ooh!
Get ya hands up in the air now!
Don't stop keep it going now!
Ladies, here we go now!
Here we go now, here we go now!
Worldwide! That's right, we worldwide!
We not in no mood, DJ Kool!
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Data dodania: 2011-02-22

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Philly's Most Wanted: Shake

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Philly's Most Wanted: Shake

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Philly's Most Wanted: Shake

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