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Promise Of Redemption: Carly

So now I'll say goodbye
I'm hoping and wishing this will be the last time
It's funny how something like this puts your life in perspective
And then you tell me
That losing a friend isn't so easy
Well I figured it out
The hard way

The horizon is my enemy
It paints such beautiful colors on such a sad day
And I know
That you are the one
Painting the colors that only we have dreamed of

So now we said goodbyes
I've been thinking a lot and we've never had bad times
The stars spell out your name
You're a beautiful person and you never changed

The horizon is my enemy
It paints such beautiful colors on such a sad day
And I know
That you are the one
Painting the colors that only we have dreamed of,
Dreamed of, dreamed of
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Promise Of Redemption: Carly

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Promise Of Redemption: Carly
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Promise Of Redemption: Carly

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