Rage Of Light: Opaque

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Rage Of Light

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Rage Of Light: Opaque

Behind the gleaming mirror of every appearance
A dull suffering is concealed in the dark
This hidden affliction is not able to crack
The glass fences that we put between us

Few people are able to see
The distorting face of our misery
The smooth surface only returns the projection
Of others’ expectations in one direction

Everywhere these reflected shadows are posted
Pictures revealing only our own anxiety
Our facades displaying in an infinite gallery
The enticing portraits of these defined masks

In this sad simulacrum no dream can pierce
The thickness of our one-way glass
The slightest seed of hope is consumed without delay
By the meanders of life before getting digested

Time reigns supreme on these formatted subjects
Who advance in rhythm with the ticking seconds
An interval much too short to allow
To expose a part of our unease to the world

We have tried so hard to make deafening
A silence which may seem obvious to some
But those who are in the same situation hear nothing
Obsessed with these obscure reflections

Still, one day our images will shatter
Suddenly revealing miserable figures
Mouth paralyzed in a mute cry for help
And glassy eyes, forever frozen

Rhymes for the time
When we began to hide
Losing our mind
Starting to decline

Behind the hourglass
Flattened by the mass
Of what days and nights
Keep throwing at us

The sluice of my brain can no longer impede
The foam and the waves of this hard reality
The swell is spreading on the shore of my illusions
So eroded and worn away by tears in fusion

A thundering noise in the prison of my skull
I begin to burn the muse that made me dull
Her once clear face is fading in the embers
But the tumult in my head by no means disappears

Running out of life
Building high
To keep our dreams in sight

Clones in line
We’ve lost our divine
Opaque and blind
Behold our mankind

Words can’t do a thing in this ocean of nonsense
My brain shuts down and I’m left without reason
How can I not sink, how can I survive
How can I see the truth among these lies

No light can shine through a mirror, a glass armor
We have turned on the screen forever
No one will ever see our fissures anymore
Superficial reflections yet darkness between strangers

Frosty breeze, a whiff of misery
Gust of icy winds, putrid melancholy
Salty tear, a whisper in your ear
Embittered fury, a resounding scream

No light can shine through a mirror, a glass armor
We have turned on the screen forever
No one will ever see our fissures anymore
Superficial reflections yet darkness between strangers

While you feel you might need the dark
While you think the light is burning out
Rise, rise against your will to hide

Though our age sees shadows growing fast
And the upcoming night might indeed last
The rage in your eyes can restore your sight

Rise, rise against your will to hide

I fall every day in the shadows around me
A one way journey with no one to rescue me
I sink, I write, I live, I die
I’m hiding my madness in the ink of my nights
I hide

I hide
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Data dodania: 2023-10-20
Tekst dodał: anmar09

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Rage Of Light: Opaque

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Rage Of Light: Opaque

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Rage Of Light: Opaque

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