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Roni Size: Dirty beats

Chorus:Coming down new soundyou should be thankfulDirty riffs Dirty beats Dirty samplessell out show take the moneythen we cancelfrontrows-backrows getting trampledWhat, before we just left the scene aloneGot some front page headline and rap&mic zoneAre you mad? I thin you have a trauble understandingWhat it takes to fly the globe but keep the crowds damendingMore of the time of the beats you feltkind the smooth as you associate the cream that meltall over tracks the states and patents are createdlike a amblem on the girl that says it`s highly ratedYou figuredout how much energy when we lash it outhow much goes into a state when we move and bash it outIt's no coincidence were up hereIts not the lucky team who had the lucky run of cup yearChorusYou can`t buy a snatched car that jumping this hardAnd bust the kind moves that cuts the bone and leave you scaredIt`s stole behind the picture, taken behind the facestake a look around see who leeds and who chasesadvancing I don`t care how you feel just keep dancingYou heard me I jump on extra tide and flow superblyCuz it`s coming open up the gates keep it runningNever been the once to caught your star slumingThat`s an easy way rather sail a storm then a gentle tideI find it`s more exciting and besides I think it`s justifiedThat we should blow, sky dive in the logo let the people know40 000 feat is to climb and check out the way she gowe`r gonna wait until we got it to you realize it`s a master piecetreated like a prisoner whoz got no chance of a quick relaseor realize his precious and discover the truthand let signals be the marker point to reach for the roofChorus:I don`t know where to stop when I see low |I can`t hold back attack, respond with draw(war) | 3xI don`t where to stop when I see lowCan you see that you see the doorWhat you think you could just step it of the streetIf you don`t get the bringing you don`t get the linkThat`s why some people talk when they really need to thinkClearly like leep years don`t come yearlyOur camp is truely one of a kind we ment sincerelyFor real we know that you shold know by nowYou see it`s started already you should tell by nowExact the satisfied friends around the trackWe`ve already started planning way to set the counter actIt`s been ready for years but see it`s all about timeingYou can`t expect to reach the top with out a little climbingIt make sense you can`t hold back with gay fenceYou look tense I move on with carefull accentAnd stand tall don`t wanna reach one but reach allGot the feeling that you heard already cuz we heard callChorus x2 (corect me if i`m wrong)
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Roni Size: Dirty beats

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Roni Size: Dirty beats
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Roni Size: Dirty beats

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