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Run-D.M.C.: Kick The Frama Lama Lama


Yes yes y'all
Off to the lagoon, so soon, my tune'll have room
to go boom so I go to the ?pazoom?
place where the bass in your face is never 'ternal
Then I ran into my man the alligator so
How you livin like a sucker wife is such a nag
I wish I wish when niggaz fish they'd make a gator bag
but other than that I'm livin fat I got a record deal
Me and this pig got fifty gigs yo homeboy check it squeal
He said his rap and that was that and I was left alone
Let me kick you this lyric
Gather round now hear about the Flintstones
Fred and Barn' and all the rest of the Flintstones
they got a Benz with rocks and dark tints homes
Kitted out, VVS the whole bit
People screamin on Fred and sayin, "Oh shit!"
And then my man Fred came home late (doin what?)
cold beefin bout, Mr. Slate
And then he walked to the door, seen Wilma cryin
Fred said, "Yo hoe, I ain't lyin!"
And next thing, you heard a little crunch
Fred fell (what?) result of a punch
And then they got up, and went and got the crew
Back to the hoe's house -
yabba dabba dabba dabba doo y'all
a dabba doo y'all
And that's comin straight from me to you y'all

You need a umbrella if it starts to rain
You need a umbrella if it starts to rain
You need a umbrella if it starts to rain
So why didn't you just bring a raincoat?
And I hope, that you have a boat
cause my cussin is floodin and you need to stay afloat
Not on water, but on somebody's daughter
You never ever wanna say that you caught a
breeze, that'll freeze or some kind of the disease
to make you ill and sneeze (AH-CHOO!)
I'm tryin to tell you Baby Pop
You press your luck or youse a sucker suckin on a lollipop
You knocked off the boots and only got your shit wet
Needles inject just to disinfect, you're upset
your stupid monkey-ass didn't protect yourself
Kick the frama lama lama lama lama!

Motherfuckers poppin shit about a nigga goin out
without a hit or shit to his name to claim
and aim that shit towards me, nah..
That ain't what time it is, cause this is mines and his
'Member the crime you did? Don't ever close your lid
cause if you sleep I keep the cheap motherfuckin
tape you gave me, so behave see
My name is Run and I'll run this ruler up your ass
and measure the shit you're poppin
There's no stoppin or coppin or playin with me
you see, I'll break your fuckin neck, I'm deadly!
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Run-D.M.C.: Kick The Frama Lama Lama

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Run-D.M.C.: Kick The Frama Lama Lama
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Run-D.M.C.: Kick The Frama Lama Lama

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