Saxon: The Pilgrimage

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Saxon: The Pilgrimage

Shine the light, show the way
We are leaving, leaving today
To take the path already trodden
To try and find what we're looking for
It will be hard, it will be long
We'll never falter, we shall be strong
Our destination that is our quest
We will not waiver, we will not rest

The journey has begun
We're marching on and on
The pilgrimage
The pilgrimage

Through the ages the path was worn
To find redemption and be rеborn
In modern times we seek our hеroes
We look for comfort, we search for peace
A higher meaning, something spiritual
A music icon or religious miracle
We look for something to show the way
We're all just pilgrims on life's highway

To tread the pilgrim's path
We won't be the last
The pilgrimage
The pilgrimage

Some holy relic, a miracle cure
Some deed of courage, a site of war
It's human nature to find a meaning
Of why we're here and endless dreaming
To set our sights on distant lands
We seek our way with open hands
It's life's big question, that's what we seek
In times of trouble show no defeat

The journey has begun
We're marching on and on
We search the pilgrim's path
For icons of the past
The pilgrimage
The pilgrimage
Autor tekstu: Biff Byford
Data dodania: 2022-01-18
Tekst dodał: EddieGoat
Ostatnia edycja: anmar09

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Saxon: The Pilgrimage

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Saxon: The Pilgrimage

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Saxon: The Pilgrimage

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