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Scarface: Watch Ya Step

Watch ya step... watch ya step...
Watch ya step... watch ya step...
Watch ya step... watch ya step...
Watch ya step... you better watch ya step...

[Verse 1]
And ya don't stop, so I guess it's on once again
The Natural Born Killaz in a zone again
I'm different type of special men not known to man
I refuse to loose, I was born to win
A street nigga, the stand up type, never to fall
I've been programmed to run in and get it, take it all
Sit back and capitalize off mistakes you made
Beat yo ass into submission, and make you pay
I got battlescars from fuckin with this, I gotta have it
What's my reason for quotin this shit? I gotta have it
Like the Roy Jones - you see this money get me hungry like a wolf
And when a nigga hungry I'm a wolf
That's when I start my rage, and attack from the neck up
Catch you being careless, make these hoes respect us
Survival here, that's the name of the game
It's the jungle in this bitch and ain't a damn thing changed
Watch ya step

Let's get it on y'all, to the beat y'all
Fuck a bitch y'all, I'm from the streets dawg
So what it is huh? What it look like?
I'm a G fool, you the bitch type
You got yo strap dawg, I got a strap too
I'm from the Southside, we act a damn fool
You ain't the real hoe, youse a real hoe
I keeps it real hoe, for real though

[Verse 2]
Listen close to the story I'm about to tell
Niggaz is sellin they soul for an ounce of yell'
And a few leave, but this is a house of jail
Twenty-five year bids, without the bail
I know some niggaz in the tank, stuck, lost and thowed
Still boss turnin ya status from false to hope
Only a few niggaz stand up strong and don't whine
When the time get passed around huh?
I'm tellin you dawg, that even if you gettin released
How the fuck is you gon' live on these streets?
You got that jacket on ya back
You a rat and you done spilled ya guts
You a bitch and now you live to fuck
And you a nigga I ain't even gotsta feel to touch
I got some niggaz on the inside to stick and seal you up
It's all good for you out here, gettin yo mail
But the minute you get popped you gonna snitch in jail
Watch ya step


[Verse 3]
They say that music is a therapy to ease the mind
But see therapy to me, is to squeeze a nine
Right between ya eyes, while I squeeze ya throat
Chuck you off the side of my boat and watch you float
The animal they sent here to seal ya fate
Tie ya hands behind ya back and feel ya face
Ain't no hope for ya partner Joe, he broke the rules
In the jungle if ya weak, we gotta smoke ya fool
Ain't no love for motherfuckers who done crossed the line
Cocked dice don't pay nigga, now roll ya five
You wanna play the gun game with me, then pull ya shit
I know you'd love to try to punk me if you could ya bitch
But I'm a diehard nigga, I was sworn to silence
and if I got to go, then I (?)
So fuck you, and them niggaz that you run with fool
I'll do the same shit to them, that I did to you
Watch ya step

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Scarface: Watch Ya Step

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Scarface: Watch Ya Step
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Scarface: Watch Ya Step

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