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Slum Village: Climax

(jay dee)
You ain't gotta play hard to get
I know you, I know you like the art of sex
I'm puttin' down my plan like a architect
It's for you (and huh!) we can all get wet
I got alot of nerve talking this to you right
I'm straight up, and this should make sense to you
Girl you ain't gotta front don't be actin' dumb
And if you got the goods, then I want some
No time to get down this ain't no la di da
But I ain't never f**ked wit' a menage a trois
It's three like the stripes on the a-di-das
Gettin' live like we at the mardi gras
We gettin' live like we at the mardi gras
Three is the magic number ask my part-i-ner
I be servin' that ass like a bar-ten-der
I'm only too bold to be watchin' ya
I'm only too bold to be watchin' ya

I want you right here in the world
Bein' wit' you all alone
It's like a dream's come true

See these things get sold
I'm caught up in ya game I'm kinda tango
Maybe it's the way you sed---huuuu on the down-low
Sayin' things to me that one t3 would only know
I wanna tell you though that these things seem to mean

Situations keep you from point a to b
I certainly put a counsel on our mistakes
I got a mission on two girls on a hot beach
Everythings to reach and ain't nobody stoppin' me
It just relax me 'cause they know I gotta plan for each
Hhhhyeah every last know I gotta plan for each
Ya know i, ya know I gotta plan for each


Thought you knew baatin was prelickormiss
Which one of you queens is comin' to get with this
Already got one holdin' my arm in this
But I need a couple to add to my list
Take a position in my world of compassion
Satisfaction, ecstacy
Callin' you callin' me
I know you yearnin' for sexual longevity
My name is baatin rasual rasii
Tantric master, sex, two or three
Ecstacy, callin' you callin' me
I know your hubby ain't givin' you no action
Well for one he's too damn masculine
He need to relax, and take some lessons on givin' you climax

All alone, it's like a dream's come true

Chorus (3x)
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Slum Village: Climax

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Slum Village: Climax
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Slum Village: Climax

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