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Sophie B. Hawkins: The Border Song (Holy Moses) - Tekst piosenki

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Sophie B. Hawkins: The Border Song (Holy Moses)

Holy Moses I have been removed
I have seen the spectre
He has been here too
Distant cousin from down the line
Brand of people who ain't my kind
Holy Moses I have been removed
Holy Moses I have been deceived
Now the wind has changed direction
And I have to leave
Won't you please excuse my frankness
But it's not my cup of tea
Holy Moses I have been deceived
(Yes I have)
I'm going back to the border where my affairs
Where my affairs ain't abused
I can't take no more bad water
I've been poisoned from my head down to my shoes
Oh, and it hurts so bad
Holy Moses I have been removed
Holy Moses let us live in peace
Let us strive to find a way to make all hatred cease
There's a man over there
What's his color?
I don't care
Holy Moses let us live in peace
Holy Moses why can't we, why can't we live in peace?
Holy Moses let us live, let us live in peace
Why can't we?
Oh Lord, why can't we live in peace
He's my brother
She's my sister
Let us love each other
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Sophie B. Hawkins: The Border Song (Holy Moses)

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Sophie B. Hawkins: The Border Song (Holy Moses)
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Sophie B. Hawkins: The Border Song (Holy Moses)

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