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Steel Pulse: Dirty H20

Set sail from the island shores
Told of the streets that were paved with gold
We were cheap labour right after the war
A pie in the sky we were searching for

Our mamas and papas came over and got no respect
When they came for work
And sent for our brothers and sisters
Who left all the sunshine
To be treated like now

Dem a throw dirty water in our face
We came here and got no love only hate
So we are tired to eat up the crumbs pon your plate
....can't wait
I just can't wait, no way
....can't wait
I just can't wait, now, no way
Give one good reason why you do that

We ain't got completion to get the connection
To be in position for the right direction
Wow know

We've got wounds from old slavery
And even today they refuse to heal
Just like a scapegoat we almost feel
Cause we have been given a very raw deal

The last to be hired the first to be fired oh yes
Still remains the same
We built up your country and foretold your wars
Any crises we would get the blame so now

Can't wait, I just can't wait no way
Can't wait, I just can't wait

Gimme back me shilling with mi lion pon it
Gimme back me land flowing with milk and honey

Back away with your name calling us Jungle Bunny
You tell too much blasted lie with your tarzan movie

Can't wait, I just can't wait
Just give me one good reason why you do that!
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Steel Pulse: Dirty H20

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Steel Pulse: Dirty H20
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Steel Pulse: Dirty H20

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