Steph Lacroix: Anger Managment

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Steph Lacroix

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Steph Lacroix: Anger Managment

Anger Managment

Steph:Lets go
Mat G:No no
Steph:Yea lets go
Mat G:No plz no
Steph:Whats a matter you 2 f**king pussy
Mat G:No
Steph:Will have to kill em
Mat G:O my God,O my God
Steph:Will have to kill em
Mat L:Lets go

These are the results of f**king around steph
A neck with bolts"Nurse were losing him,we cant afford a death"
A kid who refused to respect his death
Wore spectacles with taped frames and a f**k'd up face
A corny looking white boy, scrawny and always horny
Cause he was always sick of meany bully's picking on he
And i might snap won day just like that
I decide to strick back and maby kick is ass with a big bat
(Whossssh) My first day of junior high i said
"I dont like that guy i would like to split is head"
I locked at him again i said "pussy"
"Hey you pussy dont give a look at me"
He said"Dont look at me,youl just make me call u pussy"
Something told me to kill the motherf**ker
I thaught"wow thats a good idea to kill her"
Steph: Lavigne,Lavigne I wanna kill her
Mat L:Whats the thing
Steph:I wanna kill her
Mat L:Who's the her
Steph:Mat Gaudette
Mat L:That aint a her that a he
Steph:Who cares hes a f**king fagette
Mat L:No hes to f**king pussy

Anger managment,ever since the day i was born
Psycho is what they used to say i was on
They say i never knew with way i was going
But everywhere i go they ketp f**king around

This summer i wanted to get a her
i went to a party at my bro's a girl named michelle sluty
I got lade occurting to me she was a babe
I was sick like a motherf**ker
Cause this dick gave me water with ry in it
And hade me in a position to make me barf in the kitchen
Next moring my head felt all spring
Soacker my cloths in puke,I turned the choked and toked

I tried to plead him and tell him"We shouldent beef"
Right now i just want somme pussy,Cause all i see is hot chicky's
I looked at her and i said "Lets go f**k in the church"
She respounce with a"Yes sher just hope father once aint there"
No dont worry i just smoked 3 once with him
Finally i go somme pussy from a hot chicky
Then i got up and run to the janitors storage booth
Kicked the door hinge loose and ripped out the four inch srews
Grabbed somme sharp objects,Brooms and foreing tools
"This is for every time you cheated on me
Like f**k other guys and using toys
Every time you tipped is dick and stif and split
Im getting you back gurl! Now once and for good
I cooked the broomstick buck and swung hard as i could
And beat her over the head with it till i broked the wood
Knocked her down,stood on her chest with won foot
Made it home that same day
Went on the computer, and suddenly became black
I couldent evan remember what i wanted to do on the computer
I went blind, and me left eye started to drumline
My dog started to bark"What are u drugs?!?
Look at you,You look so f**ked up"
Steph"I know"
He bitted my toe and starting wapping
I kicked her, and me eyes came back alive
I picked her up
Steph"Look bitch what have you done"
Dog"Oh my god im sorry guy"
Steph"Shut up you bitch"
I said
Steph"F**k you"
There we go you dead like the others
Won thing guy's byebye f**kers

Anger managment,ever since the day i was born
Psycho is what they used to say i was on
They say i never knew witch way i was going
But everywhere i go they kept f**king around

Anger managment
What is it,Its anger managment
What do u have,I got anger managment
What,Its anger managment
Why did u do that,Its probobly anger managment
Whats that,Its anger managment
What,Anger managment
Listen to me motherf**ker,I got anger managment

Producer:Stephane Lacroix
Monday Dec 13 2004 10:05pm
Autor tekstu: nieznany

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Steph Lacroix: Anger Managment

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Steph Lacroix: Anger Managment

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