Stephen Covell: Kelley Was

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Stephen Covell

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Stephen Covell: Kelley Was

I've got These legs to walk
These ears to hear
These eyes to see
That's not enough for me

I want my mind to shine
Gold all the time
Reason with the rhymes
Cause lately my thoughts ain't been mine

I don't mean to be the rain
On your perfect parade
But I need to say what I need to say
And if you don't like it that's okay

I will not abide slipping down that slide this time
Once this was a playground where we shared love and life
Now it all looks so ugly as I turn away
The pavement shares that simple theme that is with me always
Kelley was here

My hearts not gray and solid
Like this one carved at my feet
Mines molded changed and rearranged
With each person that I meet

I've got so much love to give
And I've got so much love to make
But it just runs through the sieve
When all my lovers say is fake

Kelley was here
She made it perfectly clear
Shes found a new home
Away from this carved heart in stone

And I don't mean to be the rain
On her perfect perade
I'll bite my tongue in the wake
Of the choices she's made

And I will not abide...
Autor tekstu: nieznany
Data dodania: 2011-02-22

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Stephen Covell: Kelley Was

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Stephen Covell: Kelley Was

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Stephen Covell: Kelley Was

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