Stephen Covell: Kristinas

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Stephen Covell

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Stephen Covell: Kristinas

As she steps off the platform
And smiles
That familiar feeling starts welling inside
I can't believe what I see
How could it be she's more beautiful than I remember

But not at all the same
She's so much better
It's hard to explain
Oh, how much I

I search for the words
The ones she's never heard
To let her know that she is my angel
She knows its hard for me
To express how I feel
Oh, foot in mouth
I've never really been a Casanova

Roll that over in my head
It's quiet now
Except what she just said
So good to

See you
Feel you
taste you
so true

It's candy's day
In that bittersweet way
The kind of feeling
the phone just would not convey

Peach fuzz stands above
Her eyes they radiate love
Oh love for me

Flash forward to the end of the year
Snow turns the earth white but my skin doesn't care
I'm wasted in the great unknown
Or is it wasted on me such a fond memory
What is the chance of ever again meeting
The most perfect love I've ever known
As she steps off the platform
And smiles
That familiar feeling starts welling inside
Autor tekstu: nieznany
Data dodania: 2011-02-22

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Stephen Covell: Kristinas

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Stephen Covell: Kristinas

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Stephen Covell: Kristinas

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