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Styx: More Love For The Money

The cats were on the table
They were waiting for their dinner
'til the children came and shooed them all away

Daddy's at the racetrack
Desperate just to pick one winner
Will he ever be their hero of the day
Mom paid the price
She sacrificed for nothing of value
And why is it I buy this shit
That nobody wants to

More love for the money
That's all I'm after
More Buzz for the honey
And a bit more laughter

Why is that so much to ask
More for the money
Baby better get mine fast

At the mall again
I'm feeling desperate and uncertain
God it's got to be here somewhere I believe
My demographic profile
Knows it's show time
Raise the curtain
Start the comedy and let me be naive

A circus flea from A to B
I jump for my keeper
In search of true enlightenment
For ten per cent cheaper

More love for the money
That's all I'm after
More Buzz for the honey
And a bit more laughter

Why is that so much to ask
More for the money
Price had better come down fast

If there's a place beyond these shadows
Of this dreary road I tread
Then for me that's all that matters
Just the promise of arriving
Maybe getting there before I'm dead

More love
More love for the money
Now keep it coming
More buzz for the honey
They'll all come running

Put it right here in my hand
More for the money
Get me to the promised land
More for the money
Get me to the promised land
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Styx: More Love For The Money

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Styx: More Love For The Money
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Styx: More Love For The Money

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