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Styx: Mother Dear

(John Curulewski)

Lonely feelings in the city
One room flat with crumbling walls
Sirens play a distant melody
Neon shadows paint the halls

In the thirteen months I've spent here
With my manuscript and rhymes
I've paid in cash for foolish pleasures
Mother dear you'd call them crimes

Raise the roof
Light the lite
Mother dear I'm returning tonight
Now I see
Your concern
Mother dear how you taught me to learn

I been a Roman for survival
Showing two sides of my face
I need the comfort of your wisdom
I'm coming home to your embrace

If by chance I pass before you
Don't discount my gratitude
You're responsible for me here
And of course my attitude

Raise the roof
Light the lite
Mother dear I'm returning tonight
Now I see
Your concern
Mother dear how you taught me to learn

Stayin' up half the night
Wonderin' if what I'm doin' is right
Raise the roof
Light the lite
Mother dear I'm returning tonight
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Styx: Mother Dear

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Styx: Mother Dear
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Styx: Mother Dear

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