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Anika dąbrowszka

  • Afirmacja - Anika Dąbrowska
    "Afirmacja to tytułowa piosenka z albumu, który AniKa Dąbrowska wyda 26 czerwca 2020 roku."
  • Falling In Love Again - Anika Moa
    "Anika Moa Miscellaneous Falling In Love Again Don't you think you've had your fun Lay across the morning sun Been saving my money Been working for you Been steeped in temptation Been waiting for you There's"
  • Youthful - Anika Moa
    "Anika Moa Thinking Room Youthful I am just a school girl, Living in a fantasy world. Now I'm outspoken... I walked around for a couple of years, Trying to convince myself. It was a plan, I was to understand"
  • All my life - Anika Paris
    "(hmmmm, hmmmm) listen to the raindrops fallin' on the world outside just like a million thoughts inside my head and stories in my mind I wish that I could close my eyes and find a quiet place to fall into"
  • Give Me The Strength - Anika Paris
    "I'm driving to your house My thoughts are turned up way too loud There's so much I wanna say But I'm not feeling very proud I wish this night were far behind me I'm so scared to be alone And I'm too tired"
  • I - Anika Paris
    "I spent my time, wasting time, losing time On a dark day afternoon Slowly but surely I find I go out of my mind On the dark side of the moon Cause no one ever told you it would be this hard No one gonna"
  • I'm No Ordinary Girl - Anika Paris
    "Pardon me for asking But, where the hell d'ya come from? Do you come here often? Are you here with someone? Cuz I swear to God that I've seen you a hundred time before Do you have my number? Cuz I am what"
  • It's About - Anika Paris
    "Always been a sucker for a broken heart Jesse won't you come back home Nothing ever turns out the way you think It's about you, it's about me It's about everybody's history It's a sad sad story and the"
  • London Bridge - Anika Paris
    "My whole life is like a cardboard A Rollercoaster life it's bound to fall Up and down and in and out again where we're living in Sweet kiss take me to the moon tonight Take a good look at what I left behind In"
  • Why - Anika Paris
    "So I'm a little too hot I'm a little too cold I'm a little indifferent to what I am told You say I talk too loud And I'm way too tall The truth is I am too damn good for it all Don't you know everything"

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