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  • Twins - The Arrogant Worms
    "I don't like you and you don't like me We don't get along you can plainly see I just can't wait til the surgery Conjoined twins we'll no longer be Our lives are no longer in sync I'm always blamed"
  • Twins - Dealership
    "our scented lips are faintly kissed i'm dreaming of sun and you are missed a sidewalk find our heart's in mind the twins are in love and who knows why i think of mother, father a fine death vicious pin"
  • Twins - Guttermouth
    "When I think of you I ponder all the things ah that we could do Like take-away some Chinese And we'll make home brew That's what we could do When I think of us I want o sell my car off And I'll take"
  • Identical twins - Olsen Twins
    "Hello, were twinsWere twins, yes sirI am me, she is sheExept when i pretent on herAnd when we switchYou cant tell wich is wichYou dont know who youre talking toCause were identical dentical denticalIdentical"
  • Plasma Twins - The Legendary Pink Dots
    "Give me plasma! Make it soon! Your love is not enough. I've got you in my heart, but i want you in my veins. And I'll meet you at the blood bank. They could pump you into me... It's only fair because you"
  • Crimson Twins - To/Die/For
    "Come and drown with me In the sea of apathy Deeper in we're drawn On this downward spiral We passed the point of no return The moment we intertwined On the shores of misery Washed by crimson tide Blood"
  • Siamese Twins - Don McLean
    "I find you in my arms, this is how it begins and we are so close, like Siamese twins. Though you're separate from me, and we're often apart Still nobody can see, that we're joined at the heart. Joined"
  • Siamese Twins - The Cure
    "I chose an eternity of this Like falling angels The world disappeared Laughing into the fire Is it always like this? Flesh and blood and the first kiss The first colours The first kiss We writhed under"
  • Tricards Twins - MATMATAH
    "Jusque l de ta carapace De tes soupes la grimace Ton coeur bord de nouilles Alors me fais pas la gueule J'me sens quand mme un peu seul Quand mes cordes rouillent C'est peu dire que toi tu m'agaces Tu"
  • Cocteau Twins - Simple Minds
    "I see them walking You know they're walking at night Ohh in the dark you know They're shining out so bright Your sarky voices are gonna come on so near As every picture becomes so clear You You come on"

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