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creedence clear water

  • Clear - Stir
    "Talk to me so slow that I can hear you What you say makes so much sense to me Here I'll stand with nothing on my mind Forgetting everything I'm supposed to say As I start learning more you'll whisper to"
  • Clear - Boy Hits Car
    "And my mind was confusion like thoughts of clouds in the sky Wanted to touch the water So Ii could feel that high That day was so full of bliss I feared the coming of night And I had to feel my tears As"
  • Clear Blue Water - Oceanlab
    "La la la Leave behind your fears Please believe You will not falter There's no danger here You can breathe In clear blue water Clear blue water La la la ... Leave behind your fear Please"
  • Clear Water Blues - Alabama
    "Clear water blues Thinkin' of you Sittin' here fishin' Catchin' a few Spendin' my days Just tryin' to lose These clear water blues Clear water blues Driftin' along Nowhere to go Now that you're gone My"
  • Cool, clear water - Bonnie Raitt
    "I want to feel my earth turn over,baby In this hardened winter ground Feel my earth turn over, darlin' Till' I'm rootless and unbound I want to feel my body tremble When there's no one else around Just"
  • Clear Blue Water - Letters To Cleo
    "Cast out on clear blue water Saw nothing out there at all at all Picture a scene across to the other side Saw nothing out there at all Pack up some scant *possessions* For this trip you'll take to find what's"
  • Crystal Clear/Muddy Water - Cher
    "CRYSTAL CLEAR/MUDDY WATER WRITER LINDA LAURIE Muddy waters means trouble at your door But I won't bring them to you anymore This time I'm back for good Sticking close to you And I swear I'll never hurt"
  • Crystal Clear - X-Ray Spex
    "How do you feel now? I want to know Clear as crystal, I can see your face In my glass of water, I can see your face How do you feel know? I want to know Does your love burn like a summer's day Or is it"
  • Crystal clear - X Ray Spex
    "How do you feel now? i want to know clear as crystal, i can see your face in my glass of water, i can see your face how do you feel know? i want to know does your love burn like a summer's day or is it"
  • Nothing's clear - Tricky
    "How things are Together we'll destroy Then we can destroy what we are Then we'll build what we are When we dream the spirit free We don't give praise we take praise And why are we How things"

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