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Stir: Clear

Talk to me so slow that I can hear you
What you say makes so much sense to me
Here I'll stand with nothing on my mind
Forgetting everything I'm supposed to say
As I start learning more you'll whisper to me
And tell what to wish for when I dream the day away
I know that you're the one to teach me something
Like who I am and how to make my way

And when all these things become clear
I'll thank you for making all these things seem so clear
So clear

Take me to your favorite places
Where no one knows me but they all know you
I'll hide my fears and stand right by your side
As the whole world looks up at you

I hope that you stay shaven clean and somewhat sober
The bottle runs like water but to me it's all the same
So stay with me and be a father
And teach me how to read and write my name

And just when you think I am crazy shy and have no feelings
I'll look at you and slowly say your name
And I'm thinking someday, maybe, I'll be just like you
And I'll never cry and I'll never be afraid

But not until all these things become clear
Will I thank you for making all these things seem so clear
Thank you for making all these things seem so clear
So clear

Now I see
Autor tekstu: nieznany
Data dodania: 2011-02-22

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Stir: Clear

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Stir: Clear

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Stir: Clear

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