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I'm trying

  • Gonna Keep On Trying Till I Win Your Love - The Temptations
    "(Duh-da-da-da, Duh-da-da-da, Duh-da-da-da-da-da-da) Like the birds in the trees, my heart sings a rhapsody of love for you. Girl, you won my heart the very first time I layed eyes on you. I know your"
  • (Tonight) Are You Trying To Fall In Love Again - Tindersticks
    "My my, it doesn't matter what you say From the start, I hang off every word you say Oh, tonight, are you trying to fall in love again? Does it make it all right? Are you trying to fall in love again? Now,"
  • Keep on trying - Antoine Clamaran
    "I keep on trying to be myself I keep on trying like nobody else I keep on trying to be myself , I keep on trying Im not trying to be what Im not I dont wanna see what you got Im just expressing how I"
  • Keep on trying - Gloria Estefan
    "Everybody is lazyNobody wants to do anythingEveryones crazyAt times I think Ive had enough of itLiving togetherIts not a easy thing to beginMaking life a little betterTakes the power of your second pleaseIve"
  • I've Been Trying - Phil Collins
    "I've been trying, lord knows that I've been trying to understand why can't I be your only man Now you said you loved me so sincerely that I believed that you loved me Yet I can't understand why Can't"
  • Trying Too Hard - Day One
    "I said youe the woman from last night Standing just to my right Youe the one that said I was sweet When I left your kiss in my cheek And said we could hook up sometime maybe Well now is a good a time as"
  • Trying Too Hard - Kate Ceberano
    "I fall into bed, a fitful sleep try not to dream the hours I keep are bringing me down oooohhh. I wake and I eat the same foods I ate yesterday trying not to think that you wont be around. I dont wanna"
  • Trying To Matter - Gary Allan
    "We walk, we fly We stay sober, we get high We sleep all day, stay up all night Right or wrong we live our lives We work, we play We leave and we stay Worry 'bout tomorrow today We laugh, cry, cuss and"
  • No Good Trying - Barrett Syd
    "Barrett Syd Misc No Good Trying It's no good trying to place your hand where I can't see because I understand that you're different from me yes I can tell that you can't be what you pretend and you're"
  • Trying to Forget - Jim Reeves
    "Trying to forget the thrill of holding you will I ever stop thinking of hapiness we knew Who are you thinking of in your dreams at night Who are you longing for when you hug your pillow tight But I'll"

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