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asap rocky fashion killa

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asap rocky fashion killa
  • Funeral Dress Fashion Freak
    "They like fashion It's an obsesion Working like fools They like fashion It's an obsession To fit in with their rules Women get mad when they're too fat They wanna be like the beauties on the TV Day by"
  • Fakebestfriend My Fashion
    "my fashion keeps Chanel no. 9 running through my veins my fashion convicts all the criminally vain my fashion is more than a pair of black leather boots with all the pages in vogue, do you really need"
  • Don McLean Fashion Victim
    "Chorus: I hate fashion, I hate it with a passion are you a fashion victim, are you a fashion victim are you a fashion victim, I bet you are. I see them on the video, they're wearin' fashion shoes. They're"
  • Chaos UK Fashion Change
    "Spending money you have saved Working all your life Give it to the people Who control boring life Living without living Fashion you must change To be in with the in-crowd Who live their life the"
  • Level 42 Fashion Fever
    "Fashion fever forever brand new always out of date fashion fever it's all about you tomorrow is too late and when the fever fakes the feel you must be sure of your appeal Fashion fever forever brand new always"
  • Love Lost But Not Forgotten Typical Fashion
    "In typical fashion, you were confused.You were sorry when you realized that you fucked up, but I expected that.In typical fashion, everything dies and gets swept away.The people that we put high up on pedestals"
  • Eurythmics Fashion Bomb
    "I know her footsteps like the back of my hand I heard her coming though she was walking on sand I could smell her perfume from a 1,000 smiles away stuck in my head yeah it stuck in my brain She looked"
  • Lear Amanda Fashion Pack
    "It was night and suddenly I felt like dancing I took a cab to show me to the disco scene He said: o.k., you wanna see those crazy. people Hastling at the door to get into Studio 54 Well, I was in and everybody"
  • Amanda Lear Fashion Pack
    "It was night and suddenly I felt like dancing I took a cab to show me to the disco scene he said: o.k. you wanna see those crazy people hastling at the door to get into Studio 54. Well I was in and everybody"
  • Social Distortion Anti-Fashion
    "You are so plastic you could be a Barbie Doll. You walk you talk just like them all. And, Oh how I love those pretty little curls, With shoes and skirts, who's the better girl? Anti-Fashion take them"

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