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vertical horizon

  • Wasted - Vertical Horizon
    "Oh, somebody else is looking up Oh, somebody else is showing how you do it I never fall in love I just fall out of it I never get enough I just say enough of this And I've had enough of this Wasted words"
  • Trying To Find Purpose - Vertical Horizon
    "Well the sun sets gently on your shoulders And it makes me want to touch you there And the light in your eyes makes me feel Like there's something much better out there Something kind Chorus And I know"
  • Children's Lullaby - Vertical Horizon
    "Little girl was down by the waterside The sun so hot and the roses so red where she lie As little boys sit and watch as she twirls all around Sunny smiles not a raincloud could bring that girl down But"
  • Footprints In The Snow - Vertical Horizon
    "Seems like only yesterday But it started long ago Trials tribulations And notes in the autumn nights We didn't know way back then What brothers we really were Letting the time pass quickly And watching"
  • Love's Light - Vertical Horizon
    "Well I know that no one is to blame But do you feel my strength when you call my name 'Cause I feel yours inside How could this be more right And I have traveled through my mind I've given all my dreams"
  • The Mountain Song - Vertical Horizon
    "This mountain we must climb over This mountain we must climb I will follow you over We will survive It's time now We must be moving onward It's time for us to fly Take care and look over your shoulder I'm"
  • Prayer For An Innocent Man - Vertical Horizon
    "Oh won't you listen O Lord to my plea for justice Can't you hear my cry for help Try to heed my honest prayer And judge me in my favor 'Cause you know my heart You have come to me at night But it's so"
  • Lines Upon Your Face - Vertical Horizon
    "A small group of boys walks down the street Throwing a ball in the air One says to another Hey I'll always be your brother I'll always be your friend Chorus Do you remember When we thought we were immortal And"
  • Willingly - Vertical Horizon
    "When I was just a young boy My mama said to me Don't fall in love willingly Now that is all forgotten Unwilling memory But if you change your mind I will walk the line I'll follow.... Willingly We used"
  • On The Sea - Vertical Horizon
    "No fog clear in the moonlight The stars shine so bright now's the time I close my eyes - soft wind touch my face Cool sand upon the place where I once kissed you And held you close Now I will reach for"

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