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zwierzchowski ft, florek

  • #Beautiful (ft. Miguel) - Mariah Carey
    "Ah, ah, you’re beautiful (Yeah) Ah, ah, you’re beautiful Hop on the back of my bike Let the good wind blow through your hair With an ass like that and a smile so bright Oh, you’re killing me, you know"
  • Hearts (ft. Kelis) - Dan Black
    "Call paramedics and other experts Could I be re-fixed? All these broken people They’re junkyard parts Somewhere we got missed ‘Cause the heart, it never sleeps ‘Cause the heart, it never sleeps ‘Cause"
  • IDGAF (ft. Pharrell) - Mike Posner
    "Are you hear? Brains up, yeah, alright, oh If they call the cops on it, IDGAF I won’t stop, IDGAF baby Baby girl you should call me tonight Cause brother buck it and I know how to talk to you right, nop Understand"
  • Świat (ft. Antone) - Hood Connekt & Playing Heads
    "Mam świat w którym każdy ma swe góry Każdy z nas inaczej, raczej, zaczyna swa akcję Ten świat, który, który, różne ma kontury W którym dzielą nas kultury Na ulicach mamy mury /2x Te nie bawi Bo gdy trwamy"
  • Bugatti (Ft. Boo) - Lil Wayne
    "Don’t be looking for no donations You get dick, then reservations I get pussy, then hibernation I start humping soon as I wake up I woke up in some new punani He woke up bleeding like “Who shot me?” I"
  • Exotic (ft. Pitbull) - Priyanka Chopra
    "Cool Me Down I'm Feeling So Exotic Yaa Right Now I'm Hotter Than The Tropics Take Me Down Oh My Cuba Baby Let's Go La-Love Me All The Way O Rio Desi Girl I'm Feeling So Exotic Baby It's So Beautiful, Must"
  • Hangover (ft. Dhany) - Krist van D
    "A sober hangover A beautiful lover A sober hangover Just come and set me free It must be destiny You came and little get stone on me I was so __ You show me the meaning of ecstasy Oh, baby Coz I was"
  • Tonight (ft. NICCO) - Manian
    "We got one love, it’s a true love Sip your drinks up, we getting high Cause it’s run time, for the good life Don’t stop breathing, we’re alive, alive We belong to di music, alla di way Dj drop a beat,"
  • PrimeTime (ft. Miguel) - Janelle Monae
    "Tick-tock, I'm watching the clock I can't wait til we get to rock. I wanna scream and dream and do love for age, Is that ok? Tonight is me & you alone, we'll make a call or we'll even write a song See"
  • Heartbreaker (ft. Skrillex) - Justin Bieber
    "Heartbreaker I'm a heartbreaker!"

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