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Koma - Sparks

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Koma - Sparks

  • Koma - Such A Surge
    "Sag' mir, was du siehst, wenn du ins Leere siehst Ich frage mich, ob du etwas hrst Wenn du mir zuhrst. Regungslos liegst du da - Koma Bewegungslos, als ob's schon immer so war Dein Zustand unklar, scheinbar"
  • Koma - Super Girl & Romantic Boys
    "halo to ja, czy poznajesz mnie. ręce z kieszeni, nie opieraj się. mam ciężką torbę, jestem zmęczona widzisz ustąp mi miejsce. zerwałam rozkład, nie znasz godzin dat. kaganiec załóż mi i w ścianę patrz. omiń"
  • Koma - Goethes Erben
    "Ich spre die Berhrung nehme Worte war sehe den Wechsel der Situation kann denken vllig klar. Der graue Schleier hat sich lngst gehoben das Neonlicht schmerzt Tag und Nacht der Wechsel ist kaum wahrnehmbar. Der"
  • Koma - Super Girl And Romantic Boys
    "halo to ja, czy poznajesz mnie.ręce z kieszeni, nie opieraj się.mam ciężką torbę, jestem zmęczonawidzisz ustąp mi miejsce.zerwałam rozkład, nie znasz godzin dat.kaganiec załóż mi i w ścianę patrz.omiń"
  • Koma - Weto
    "Dunkelheit umfngt mein ganzes Sein Wie lange wei ich nicht! Mein Gefhl fr Zeit und Raum Bte ich vor einer Ewigkeit ein Gefhlos, blind, kann nicht mal schreien! Hr nicht das geringste Gerusch - meine Ohren"
  • Koma - Saltatio Mortis
    "Gefangen, sitz ich eingemauert in lebendiges Gestein Der Kerker ist aus Fleisch und Blut Der Kerkermeister meine Pein Schluche zieren meinen Krper Fesseln mich an diese Welt Fesseln meinen Lebenswillen Bis"
  • Sparks - Coldplay
    "Did I drive you away? I know what youll say, You say, Oh, sing one we know, But I promise you this, Ill always look out for you, Thats what Ill do. I say oh,, I say oh. My heart is yours, Its you that"
  • Sparks - Cover Drive
    "Happy to see you setting me off like sparks You ignite all the colours inside my heart On the doorstep like we'd never been apart Hope you know that I'm happy to see you It's just another night The boys"
  • Sparks - Faith And The Muse
    "How carelessly the bound daylight caresses Oblivious to wandering eyes extinguished Free me reckless with the night Elusive scenes enkindled burst to fire Where splendor casts umbrageous twin And love"
  • Sparks - Kim Wilde
    "Written by Ricky & Marty Wilde Caught in the times we live in Caught in the times we know It's taking a real hard line You feel you're becoming a number Nobody needs your trouble Gives you the time of"
  • Sparks - Hilary Duff
    "I can’t hear a single word Just know you’re talking ‘cause your lips keep moving Every thing I thought I’d learned Goes out the window All I want is one thing You can promise castle, treasures, babies I"
  • Sparks - Royksopp
    "No much I gained or break, it's those tiny little spotsDaily life that makes me forget my wounded heartIt doesn't matter when, it may rain or it may shineGlow and reason months come back from time to time(repeat)No"
  • All Sparks - Editors
    "You're answering questions That have not yet been asked All sparks will burn out in the end You burn like you're bouncing Cigarettes on the road All sparks will burn out in the end All sparks will burn"
  • Sparks Fly - Widespread Panic
    "Waits all day for the Sun to dim his brights Face shinin' amber in the radio lights It's all that he needs to see Fire ignites when he turns the key Wonder what it could be like Just look then he's gone Pay"
  • Sparks Fly - Taylor Swift
    "The way you move is like a full-on rainstorm And I'm a house of cards You're the kind of reckless that should Send me running but I kinda know that I won't get far And you stood there in front of me Just"
  • Sparks Fly - Tiffany Giardina
    "I know we're worlds apart That's what you keep saying But I listen to my heart That's why I keep staying What is this game that we're playing? Where the rules are constantly changing It's so dangerous But"
  • Catching Sparks - The Spill Canvas
    "Slip, trip, and fall Well I'm down for the count I can feel the numbing in my fingertips I'm catching sparks And they're tickling my cheeks From the chemistry between us The colored lights are spilling"
  • Billy Sparks - The Waterboys
    "What shall I give you to make you take down your dress what shall I give you to make you take down your dress Will you show me where the party is And we'll put you to some quiet caravan And as sure as"
  • Billy Sparks - Mike Scott
    "What shall I give you to make you take down your dress what shall I give you to make you take down your dress Will you show me where the party is And we'll put you to some quiet caravan And as sure as"
  • K.O.M.A. - Koma
    "To jest x4 Koma ponownie za mikrofon chwytam Koma x4 Trzymam się swojej normy, nie tracę formy To jest x4 Koma ponownie za mikrofon chwytam Koma x4 To buja całym blokiem, a szyby lecą z okien To jest x4"

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