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falling for you

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falling for you
  • Papa Roach Falling Apart
    "I follow you, out of the dark I’m tryin' my way, but I keep falling apart All I can see Is weakness around me I refuse to believe, The apocalypse inside of me I cant even trust myself, I'm burning in"
  • The Birthday Massacre Falling Down
    "Farewell, This blackened eye. You've learned your lessons falling down. Far behind, and tracing footsteps home. Despite your lack of pride. You wore your imperfections well. Dignified. Spend your time"
  • Montell Jordan Falling (Remix)
    "Flesh-n-Bone: Come and feel my thug love, baby. This feeling'll get you with me, it'll drive you oh-so-crazy, 'cause I've been watchin' you lately, lady. Round and round the world we go to the next show."
  • Dalbello Falling Down
    "like the times that i swore like the wine that i poured like a blinding fact you can't ignore like the motion that delivers you forward 'til you can't go back not anymore can't dive into an ocean and"
  • Insane Clown Posse Angels Falling
    "I climbed up in the tree in the back and got on my roof top With my 22 it's hot with little pops Started bustin' off shots aimin' all at the sky I emptied out the gun bustin' all at the sky Then I"
  • Vertical Horizon Falling Down
    "Where does the time go Spinning my wheels Standing still It's like running on ice I only gain a little distance when I fall How did I become a molecule In the concrete of this city Indifferent to my endless"
  • Jackie Greene Falling Back
    "The stars came out of disguise and the rain was hidden by the tears in your eyes and falling back is hard to do when its falling back in love with you you know the lamp post understands that you cannot"
  • Al Stewart I'm Falling
    "'''I'm Falling''' It's Sunday afternoon and it's raining, I m falling Colour sections, pastel blue, an empty church, a movie queue And I'm falling Watching you moving around Taking the time To get a proper"
  • Tom Waits Falling Down
    "I come five hundred miles Just to see her halo I come from St. Petersburg Scarlett and me, And I opened my eyes I was blind as could be When you give a man luck He must fall in the sea, And she wants"
  • Jimmie's Chicken Shack Falling Out
    "*words in italics is Double D singing backup it's hard to keep from falling out so i'll just meet you on the ground when you know is more than you ever dreamed of it's hard to keep from falling out take"

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