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Eminem - Emilie Sande (Explicit)

  • Jingle Bells - Eminem
    "(eminem)Yo Yo Jingle bells jingle bells. Jingling all the way Oh what it is to ride from Detroit to east LA (Eminem) Is this a white Christmas hell no my man Imp leaving blood in the"
  • If I Get Locked Up Tonight ( With Dr.Dre) - Eminem
    "{Dr. Dre} Check Check, 1,2 , 1,2 1,2(it's rolling) Yea yea yea Dr. Dre up in here Y'all know what this is. Its what y'all been waiting for Funk Master Flex, Big Kap, Def Jam Records giving it to you baby. Yo"
  • Drama Setter - Eminem
    "[ Intro ] Guard: Mr. Yayo, your free to go, so I guess this means I'll see you tomorrow Eminem: Guess who's home? Tony Yayo, Obie Trice, C'mon! [ Chorus ] [ Eminem ] I'm a Drama Setter, gripping my"
  • Pretzel's Freestyle - Eminem
    "This is my freestyle I may suck but i can a least try.....Here is goes I like Eminem because he can rap better then me I know I'm no movie star or rap star but i'm just another person who likes rap and"
  • Dumb Shit - Eminem
    "yo yo yo eminem or even dr dre i don't care who the fuk r they its b rabbit on the mic he stands on the stage rappin like sum dyke wavin his hands in the air like he jus dnt care hes jus sum ugly fuk"
  • Im Comin - Eminem
    "yo look at this world, every body crazy, peeps shootin up schools killin manz on the doorsteps who get the rush that they need to get by with out bunin all the weed but they aint nuffin but fuckin fools. yo"
  • I Love You Mamma - Eminem
    "I love you mamma I realy miss you now, but tonight Im on a big tour mamma you gotta come with me gotta see what its like you gotta meet the lable see what its all about Its Dallas today who knows were"
  • D12 Project - Eminem
    "(Chorus) And even if i found you under my bed,id just scream to death 'cause im sensitive id just knock you out dead (BANG) DEEEEEEEAAAAAAAADDDDDDDD 'cause two MCs just shot me three times (3 shots) (2x) (Eminem) I"
  • Make Some Noise - Eminem
    "{eminem} 123...7:00 party at my friends house dr.dre want me to Sing new tunes and turn the place insideout I said...maby if mr.grady ill let Me out of detenchion and ill talk my mom out susption while"
  • Nobody's Perfect - Eminem
    "(Eminem) I really liked you and you didnt listen and now I wanan take back everything I said I wish I were dead to many things that I did To many wrongs that i've done how could I be so stupid not thinkin"

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