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Eminem: Jingle Bells

(eminem)Yo Yo
Jingle bells jingle bells.
Jingling all the way
Oh what it is to ride from Detroit to east LA
Is this a white Christmas hell no my man
Imp leaving blood in the snow and smacking
Fat man. You mean Santa that boys a bitch
He cot my mom Christmas Eve and tried to give her a kiss.
For real its no joke the guy don't play he tried to fuck way more
Then a one horse slay laughing all the way but hes not laughing today
Well jingle mothering even the elves will pay.
Come Christmas Eve oh nick's a goner will be
Snackin on dear even blestin and downer
Not a question went not even a maybe
Have a drunk Mrs. Clues
Say they jingling baby
Give a new meaning to hoho shack that ass girl bumpin
Booty in the snow. So watch out Santa You jolly old troll we'll be
Stripin that slay and leave you the coal
Jingle bells jingle bells.
Jingling all the way
Oh what it is to ride in a drop top shavola "hey"
Jingle bells jingle bells.
Jingling all the way
Oh what it is to ride from Detroit to east LA
You playin reindeer games hell yeah my friend
Grab Rudolphs horns and see how far the bend
When hes nose turns red hes dick gets back out
My friend. Yeah sants clues wouldn't list me as nice
In fact he add me listed as nottie twice
Not cuz of the fights or the Christmas gifts hast
It's cuz of all the shit I left on he's wife
It's time for Old Nick to move very far before we roast he's
nuts on a big ass fire
Yes im that bad yes im that cruel
I mean your ass is huge loss
Weight for real dude. Cookies in mouth simply
Quit sick. I mean when's the last time u seen
Your dick. And im not one to bitch but every year
I get under wear, socks and shit
Jingle bells jingle bells.
Jingling all the way
(Eminem)"Check it out"
Oh what it is to ride in a drop top shavola "Hey"
(eminem)"Jingle thess bells baby"
Jingle bells jingle bells.
Jingling all the way
Oh what it is to ride from Detroit to east LA
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Eminem: Jingle Bells

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Eminem: Jingle Bells
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Eminem: Jingle Bells

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