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cztery mile lasu samego jaowca

  • Fell A Mile - The Plan
    "Easy think twice what you do Who are you? I fell a mile And we end our thing now A mile I fell a mile I'm alone The night is far It's too long while you are still here I roll around the walls I played"
  • Po tamtej stronie lasu - Agata Budzyńska
    "Po tamtej stronie lasu gdzie kwitną poziomki Mała Wiola tańczy na mojej dłoni Zielona Agnieszka świat maluje na zielono Jabłkowy poeta gubi swoje wiersze A wiatr listonosz nieproszony Roznosi je ludziom"
  • The Second Mile - Russ Lee
    "A single mom on the back row at a church outside of town No one sits beside her her kids are kind of loud She never misses a Sunday she does the best she can Faith gives her the strength she needs to stand It's"
  • Mile Long Train - Jimmy Dean
    "Wagon train mile long train Four hundred mules six hundred men they didn't know the devil was in This mile long train wagon train A man in black no one knew his name he was a devil for sure a leadin'"
  • One More Mile - Muddy Waters
    "Oh you know it has been such a hard hard journey, I don't have to cry no more Keep your light up burnin', so I can know the score I got one more mile, oh you know I only got one more mile to go Oh you"
  • Worth Every Mile - Travis Tritt
    "Written by Travis Tritt The roads that we've traveled Ain't always been easy Lord knows we've both seen our share Of troubles and trials It's hard to believe We made it so far together But just between"
  • Mile High Club - Bow Wow Wow
    "Temperatures rise at a hundred degrees Bet you don't freeze at the Mile High Club The crash axe would be my only defense Dogs go berserk when my engines start Any any animal, any any animal Get your feet"
  • Walk A Mile - Fame Factory
    "I'm sitting here all alone and you watching by the pal trying to read a book but don't know wich page I'm on you never know what road to take or what you're in you say you can't be something better then"
  • The Extra Mile - Laura Pausini
    "Countless eyes are watching in this our finest hour its time to realise the dream and who we really are im gonna freeze this space and time rise to meet the call seize the moment, make it mine and through"
  • One Mile More - Warner Mack
    "I'm gonna find how far your mem'ry reaches and then go one mile more I'm gonna find a place where your mem'ry leaves me and then go one mile more Old beatup suitcase on the platform a train ticket in"

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