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Eminem - Emilie Sande (Explicit)

  • If I Get Locked Up Tonite - Eminem
    "Artist: big kap + funkmaster flex f/ eminem Check check, 1,2 , 1,2 1,2(it's rolling) Yea yea yea dr. dre up in here y'all know what this is. Its what y'all been waiting for funk master flex, big kap, Def"
  • Dumpin' - Eminem
    "Intro (Eminem):Ayo, yo, this motherfucken Eminem, Dirty Dozen, Bout to show you how we set it when we come through,Know what Im sayin, word up, bitch motherfuckers better raise up,yall motherfuckers better"
  • Keep Talkin - Eminem
    "Artist: Eminem, D12 Song: Keep Talkin Album: The Conspiracy Mixtape Intro- Bizarre yea Detroit mother fucker DJ Green Lantern(the evil genious) D12 We aint goin no where We still smokin crack nigga"
  • The Conspiracy (Dirty) - Eminem
    "Green Lantern Okay (Yeah) It's about that time again (Haha) Eminem Green Latern (That's Right) G-G-G-G-G Uni-(burp) 50 Cent : Hahaha...Shady Eminem : We Back (Invasion) Part II Green Lantern The"
  • When We're Gone - Eminem
    "When We're Gone' D-Boi featuring New Shady and EMINEM Yo this is D-Boi and this song goes out to Ash I hope you still know I'll pay you a lot of cash Yo and this song also goes Out to my girl-"
  • Untitled Freestyle - Eminem
    "Faded voice - F**k yeah... Eminem: YEAHH! LLoyd Banks: Oh shit, its the Evil Genius Eminem: Green Lantern LLoyd Banks: Yea... Hey yo Em, what do we call this shit right here? Eminem: The Invasion LLoyd"
  • Broken Down - Eminem
    "I'm decimating the competition With my fucked up rendition Of this muthafucking song It's my tradition I fucked up Limp Bizkit With my own slip disks And the fucking bastards Just came and dissed my"
  • Tonite - Eminem
    "Women Singing: Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah Verse 1: I'm getting mad love, I'm snuggling hugs Druggling thugs, smuggling drugs, juggling jobs, guzzling jugs So here's a toast to federal checks Hetero sex, unaffordable"
  • Soundtrack 8 Mile - Eminem
    "Eminem: Lose Yourself 8 Mile Soundtrack Look, if you had one shot, and one opportunity To seize everything you ever wanted One moment Would you capture it or just let it slip? Yo His palms are sweaty"
  • I Live At Home In A Trailer - Eminem
    "(Mehki) Well Jimmy moved in with his mother cuz he ain't got no place to go (Eminem) And now I'm right back in the gutter with a garbage bag that's full of clothes (M) Cuz you live at home in a trailer,"

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