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Vifio sex mom

  • Sex Junkie - Plasmatics
    "This is for all you that don't get enough. It's called "Sex Junkie" You live your life just to let yourself go You are the lowest, the lowest of low Beg for me, crawl for me, down on your knees You're"
  • Sex Drive - W.A.S.P.
    "got a message for you, it's something you love to do You're thinking bout it all the time You're lying in bed and it runs through your head Cause you can't get it off your mind You been thinking pink"
  • Sex appeal - 3T
    "Verse 1 Girl, I love your sex appeal And it's driving me wild baby You got me hooked in everyway There's just somehting 'bout the way that you move Now I know I worked it well So there's no use in fighting"
  • Sex appeal - Shazza
    "Wy jesteście mocni, silni - my słaba płeć. Lecz my mamy coś co byście wy chcieli mieć. Co jest warta wasza siła, wasza pięść i twarda dłoń. My kobiety choć słabiutkie, mamy na was jedną broń. Sex Appeal"
  • Sex Bowl - H-Town
    "Welcome baby you lookin' so sexy glad you could make it now take your clothes off take your clothes off I don't wanna see no panties I want you the way you was brought into this world no nothing cause"
  • Forgotten Sex - Zvuki Mu
    "Air transport is wide spread Steamers and trains I will accept any fee For my work 300 minutes of pleasure with oneself 300 minutes of pleasure with oneself The subway is so charmingly deep Everyone is"
  • Sex Weed - R.Kelly
    "Light it up, light it up Smoke it up, smoke it up Exhale, exhale Now let's sex to the cut Girl, you got that sex weed I just want to hit it all the time Sex so good that it gets me high Bring that home"
  • Sex talk - T'Pau
    "I just feel like talking to someone I don't care who it is I just wanna have a laugh You know how it is All of the day in the same old room I'm going out of my mind I can't throw this out of the window"
  • Casual Sex - The Faint
    "Casual sex Is it irrational? (Yes!) I think it's time to find out why And soon I fall asleep, it's nighttime In a dream there's a dolphin And a soldier, they're walking Through the sand and toward a morgue In"
  • Phone Sex - Next
    "Phone conversation.... T-Low Im sorry baby I cant be there with you, But I got a freaky Ideal, Cause girl Im in a freaky mood, So follow directions closely, Its gonna be the bomb, And before I let you"

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