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  • Cuts Too Deep - Hazel O'Connor
    "Hazel O`Connor Daylight, slowly creeping through the crack in the curtains and it suddenly reminded me I didn't sleep allnight. It's just the thought of you I'll swear, Lyin' in the fatal position, How"
  • 18 Miles To Memphis - Stray Cats
    "We've been driving allnight long just to reach our destination in your town We've been five hundred miles everyones asleep there's not a sound Ooh eighteen weels a-rolling, eighteen weels a-rolling round"
  • 48 Hours - Blue System
    "This world is a burning fire - everybody pays his price You can't stop my desire - I'm the pirate of your paradise I know heaven is forever - I can't stop, babe loving you Here I dance on heavy weather"
  • A night in Vienna - Opus
    "I cant say I love you When my love isnt true Cant say everything is bright And the Danube is blue I cant sleep in your arms Dont need all your charmes Sometimes when the eveningcomes I wanna see you again"
  • Body And Soul - Britney Spears
    "Its getting late now Im on the train now On the way to your place Cant wait to see your face Last night was crazy Got hot and hazy Now wanna go around I know I sit like a whore in church You got the"
  • Moon Man (I'm Waiting On You) - Steve Forbert
    "Can anybody hear me? Is there anybody there? Is anybody listening? Is there anyone that cares? I've been so long in silence I'm not sure if you exist, You may have sent some signals, But I don't know what"
  • Special Part Of Me - Nate Dogg
    "(Chorus: Nate Dogg) Special part of me Special part of me Special part of me Special part of me (Verse 1: Psyke) I love it when you thug from out the driveway Straight down the Ave. swervin' my way You"
  • Any kind of love at all - David Hasselhoff
    "On your pilgrimage through the crowd youGenuflect in front of the crowdSinger on the stageThe band plays in a rageNo need to mentionYour ultimate intentionJust to kill you?re the one who?s dyin?Play hard"
  • No More - Sticky Fingaz
    "Come here girl No more stunts no more lies No more bitches in my ride No more allnight parties all leave it behind No more freaks living right No more drama in the life From now on its me and my lady"
  • Dreamland - Bennie K
    "They can't stop my heart!!Now get the party started allright!!Kimagure ni makaseteIt's like wonderlandFumidashitara alright!!Then I feel like I'm dreamingOnce upon a timeAru kado no fast food ten de"Excuse"

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