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verbalove forver

  • Amber Pacific - Amber Pacific - P.S. I Love You - Amber Pacific
    "shes gone away, still we stay together people call me crazy, crazy my thought progress i think about forever my mind tells me maybe, maybe i wish i could drive away til the sun sets back til the day"
  • Forever More - Vicky Beeching
    "You know me completely, like no other could You love me so freely, when no other would Your love's a mystery For all eternity I'll be with You Chorus: You have won my heart forver more You are mine and"
  • Now And Forever - Westlife
    "Whenever I'm weary From the battles that rage in my head You make sense of madness When my sanity hangs by a thread I lose my way But still you seem to understand Now and forver I will be your man Sometimes"
  • I don't need another - Britney Spears
    "All out of the class there's a window i can look And out there i see you Full of hope and full of joy i would never fall apart I like to know do you feel like me I wanna hold you right now Chorus: I don't"
  • Try Together - Chiara
    "Baby come here Your all my life Need u here Come back to me Life can be hard but it will get better trust me Baby Chorus 2x Your all i want I need u here this time and forver we need to be together if"
  • I Still Love You - Backstreet Boys
    "Backstreet Boys Miscellaneous I Still Love You Backstreet Boys I Still Love You Why, why, how sould you do that to me You out my love, to another love Don't seem that long enough I can't without you Oh"
  • Hacksaw Decapitation - Cannibal Corpse
    "Memory of the insane Of killing in so man ways, homicidal Seeking redemption through rage With hacksaws I decapitated them all Blood covers the groud, my feet are saturated Rotting flesh scattered around,"
  • Fate Stay With Me - Alanis Morissette
    "Oh, Please Fate stay with me, and guide me along my way There has been so many problems So please stay, please, stay Fate stay with me, will you help me on my way Will you end my troubles Will you please"
  • Another Try - Josh Turner
    "All the things I've felt and never shared. All the times that she was lonely with me there. Tears I wouldn't let fall from my eyes. And how I let her go without a fight. The reasons I'm alone, I know"
  • I'm Not Your One Night Lover - Andru Donalds
    "You lied when you said that you love me Forgotton love in your distant memory I thought the fire we shared would last forver For there's still passion in my soul And I said to you I yi yi I'm not your"

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