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  • Murmansk run - Al Stewart
    "Your father sailed on the Murmansk run To guide the flocks of the ships home one by one Grey beneath the Arctic sun Or the glow of Northern Lights I see you have his photograph His eyes are watching for"
  • Art Of Facts - Artifacts
    "Intro: Tame One As Mellow Max passes the blunts to Skully We're about to come get nutty up in here Artifacts, nine-six tricks Sean J. with the beat Complete, with the Artifact techniques Verse One: Tame"
  • Cali To New York - The Black Eyed Peas
    "As soon as a la stepped off (the floor) People started hollerin (for more) Beggin us to bless 'em with an (encore) You know the peas they game to that (for sure) No matter what the coast we, be on Pacific"
  • Walk It Out - Unplugged & Lil' Wayne
    "Drought 3, yizzow! (verse 1) I bought it out like stunna, I hope when we kiss we make ya sick to ya stomach, Stuntin like my daddy and ya mama eat rubbers, I bet that I can do the mouth to mouth with"
  • Texas Takeover - Big Tuck
    "It's going down, Bun B baby Big Tuck baby, you know what time it is The Texas take over, know I'm tal'n bout Ay yo Tuck, time to show these boys how we keep it trill Down South know I'm saying, well"
  • Earthcrusher - Mr. Lif
    "Earthcrusher At last, the day of the blast Disaster, welcome to the hereafter Government powers in conflict In a world gone sick And they're heavily equipped With arms to melt down cities and farms The"
  • Home Of The Brave - Mr. Lif
    "Now let's talk about self expression, true expression Open your minds without question No doubt, tell me what you're thinking about Let's try to set aside pride and clout Can you believe I feel the same"
  • Forecast - Raekwon The Chef
    "Turn me up (feel me like) let me get a feeling of who love me And who I love (that's what it's all about though) You understand? First you got to know how to move (the forecast calls for...) Then you"
  • Mix Tape - Avenue Q
    "Kate Monster: Princeton. He likes me. I think he likes me. But does he 'like me' like me, Like I like him? Will we be friends, Or something more? I think he's interested, But I'm not sure. Come in! Princeton: Hiya,"
  • Pimp Juice(Dirty) - Nelly
    "One pound for the house, that's all we need baby Just one for the house.. c'mon Pimp juice - oooohoooooohhooooooooooohhh I think I need to let her loose (might think I need to let her loose) Let her"

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