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Gus Gus Teenage Sensations

  • Humpty Dumpty - Gus And Frank
    "Once upon a time, on a cold winters night I was alone with my woman and she looked into my baby blue eyes and said: 'Oh Frank, you make me so hot, wont you tell me one of your sexy bedtime stories'' so"
  • Atari Teenage Riot - Atari Teenage Riot
    "I will be more successful than all those that went before me Because the time is right the, the season is right, you are right, the conditions are right We must go free! now! now is the time! Go! Are you"
  • Is Jesus Your Pal? - Gus Gus
    "Is Jesus your pal? Do you call out his name, when your concience is shivering? Do you need someone too, just like those people who find peace in someone's promises? You sure don't need my promises... So"
  • Very Important People - Gus Gus
    "You are spending your time, trying to keep me sterilized. Somehow my needs, are your consideration. Hanging from your wrist. Dangling on the edge. What is the meaning of life? If my dopey style is called"
  • Love Vs. Hate - Gus Gus
    "It's not hate. It's not hate. It's not hate. It's not hate. It's not hate. It's not hate. It's not hate. It's not hate. It's not hate. It's not hate. It's not hate. It's not hate. It's not hate."
  • Hold You - Gus Gus
    "**intro** I have a word I think I have a premonition I feel i should meet with you On a secret rendezvous We could sit in the sun I sit outside with my man And the mountains will grow taller for"
  • Chocolate - Gus Gus
    "My sweetheart, my chocolate, mocholate. I've got the world to hold me up, 'cause I'm under the influence of love, babe. You know, last thing I would do in this world is hurt your feelings. As God is my"
  • Monument - Gus Gus
    "When the site was found, we laid the foundation down. It didn't take long before they came back tumbling down. Don't build at night. You need a little light. How else are you going to see what it's going"
  • Acid Milk - Gus Gus
    "Ear drum pump inside my head. I fall down as if I'm dead. Acid milk is on it's way. In my stomach, through my veins. Acid milk on every day. Adrenalin is running dry. I am on the milky way. Floating into"
  • Bambi - Gus Gus
    "i feel light while the bubbles fly through the park up to the park to the sky dead quiet we are sinking into each other we exceed our headroom no need for acting clever because today we will spend together"

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