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  • Led Astray - As Hope Dies
    "With the blood of millions on your hands the human race is led astray by demons disguised as angels. The human race suffocates with prophecy that tells of torment for those who do not believe in what these"
  • Boiling Led - Falconer
    "Early morning it's cold and the snow is whirling like a warning, a promising fate but the king rests in peace on his sled hooves are pounding so many thoughts in his head all around him what if he knows he"
  • Nautilus And Zeppelin - Samael
    "let me glow, let me flow let me grow in your heart in your mind in your soul anywhere, anytime, anyhow when you want, when you need, when you know I will be there for you I will be there with you the"
  • Rain Song - Led Zeppelin
    "TRAMPLED UNDER FOOT Led Zeppelin Jimmy Page / Robert Plant / John Paul Jones Greasy slicked down body, Groovy leather trim. I like the way ya hold the road. Mama, it ain't no sin Talkin' 'bout love. I'm"
  • Kashmir - Led Zeppelin
    "Oh let the sun beat down upon my face, stars to fill my dream I am a traveler of both time and space, to be where I have been To sit with elders of the gentle race, this world has seldom seen They talk"
  • You led me - Barlow Girl
    "Good morningThe night is over and goneI thought onceThis dark would last for so longFeel the sunlightOn my faceYou have brought meThrough this placeJesus, Jesus You found meThrough the long night You led"
  • Vatra I Led - Colonia
    "Nocas ljubi mi lice dlanovima, usnama slusaj kako drhte tiha glazbala u nasim tijelima Nek' stanu satovi i ovaj tren sacuvaj zauvjek dok nas smrt ne rastavi nek traje ova noc zauvjek Ti si vatra i"
  • Chladnejsi nez led - Karma
    "Zdravm vs lidina zatku jsme skkali dolevaa skkali dopravaale nyn udlme ncokomplikovanj a jinchci slyet v hlaschci slyet v hlas v domchci slyet v hlasRef :chladnj ne led budu dnes v nocidokud tob ped nosemj"
  • Led By Bison - Seafood
    "So where you been for so long Did you ever stop to ask what's wrong So hold on tight cos life speeds by What's done is done ahead the answers lie No sense in confrontation Takes time to heal this tension Just"
  • You Led Me - BarlowGirl
    "Good Morning the night is over and gone I thought once this dark would last for so long Feel the sunlight on my face You have brought me through this place Jesus, Jesus You found me Through the long"

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