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P!nk - Sober

  • Sober Up - One Bad Pig
    "Drunk on music, drunk on sports Drunk on pleasures of all sorts Drunk on causes, drunk on work These can be good, but dont be a jerk Chorus: Sober up Your thinkings dull Sober up Youre out of your skull Sober"
  • Halfway Sober - Anarbor
    "I feel like I'm losing my mind with no concept of time, I've got no space. And I wake up everyday in the same place, and it's you that keeps me sane, And this lesson I've learned, I've learned it the hard"
  • Sober (rough) - Childish Gambino
    "And now that's it's over, I'll never be sober I couldn't believe, but now I'm so high And now that's it's over, I'll never be sober I couldn't believe, but now I'm so high Now I'm so high Now I'm so high Now"
  • Clean & Sober - Anya Marina
    "Darling you know I loved you something like a drug Darling I twist and turn so in & out of love And now I say I'm glad it's over And I've never felt so clean and sober But I've got a black & blue hangover Darling"
  • Sober song - Noir D
    "Oh lord, hear me please you have to make me sober aspirin, come on please i don't want to suffer i found one of my socks under the telephone i've never asked these bells to ring in my home what have i"
  • Sober Days - Whitmore
    "The last year I've been waiting, waiting for my time, Don't fall off it, work on it, it'll happen in the end. Mostly I've been wasted, Sober Days are few, A large gin's not working, it'll kill me in the"
  • Sober Again - Blood Or Whiskey
    "The usual morons were fighting outside that place Inside the posing was rife I wasn't ready like you to accept them As peers for the rest of my life Poised for a picture that no one was taking You'd"
  • Sober Girl - Amy Ray
    "I'm a Sober Girl, not for any good reason I found myself on this road I'm on It felt a lot like treason To my last girlfriends, who could never understand When it comes to love, I wanted purity. I felt"
  • California Sober - Demi Lovato
    "Cashin’ in my chips for forgiveness Trading in my shame for perspective Tired of being know for my sickness It didn’t work I am tryin’ something different, I Healing got me lookin’ for freedom Happines"
  • You're so sober - The Trews
    "I'd love to say Do you love me, but I'm as humble as a bumble bee I'd walk away If you come with me or I may crumble For all to see I have the weather On my side Hey, by the way Did you love me girl? The"

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