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  • 70 Bars - Lloyd Banks
    "The Name's Banks! The Boy Wonder Man Stack And A Rubber Band, Gat In The Other Hand These Lil Niggas Dont Move Me, Go Watch A Movie Im Too Smooth, White Prada Shoes With The Dooey I Spin Ya Fuckin Neck"
  • 56 Bars - T.I.
    "Yea (Ay, ay, ay, alright) Alright, Toomp, man, this what the folk been waitin' on, I guess (That's right) Let's give it to 'em, baby (Ay, Grand Hustle, nigga) Ay, man, they been waitin' on this shit since"
  • Platinum Bars - Az
    "What y'all know about real cashin' and topless Jags Doing 80 on the Ave. goin' on the cop some hash Stash box, no more air bags, just pop the dash Got them things with the sling hammer to cop them bath Slouch"
  • 94 Bars - Chris Young
    "It's young C youngest from State P All the thoroughbreds roll your la, la, la And all the girls wanna spend the night tonight Get right tonight, tonights the night Its Young G's thats Young Neef Thats"
  • Mars bars - Undertones
    "I need a Mars Bar Hey raid the Spa To help me through the day I need a Mars Bar I've had total fun It helps me - makes me - work rest and play It helps me - makes me - work rest and play I never eat my"
  • 75 Bars - The Roots
    "(Black's reconstruction)I'm from the land of them straight razor face beard niggasWith hammers on their waist, yeah, waste rare niggasAnd I race scared niggas, them snake head niggasThat take care of niggas"
  • 40 Bars - Nicki Minaj
    "Fitted down and I'm reddii 2 play When yo album gon' drop bitches neva could say Say fuk I look like givin birds dae props Bitches act like dae hot but I heard dae not How the fuk you in the game like"
  • 48 BARS - Kobik
    "przez kilometry na trasach z plecakiem BOR CREW dziwko przez to co się naspierd* wiem co to czysty hip hop gdzieś pomiędzy przypałem, a zwyczajną rozrywką nic tutaj nie daje tyle co ryzyka bliskość citeks"
  • Behind The Bars - Skrewdriver
    "lying in the cell, lookin through the bars lookin at the open feilds, so near and yet so far wonderin bout your freinds out there, and what they're doin now and wishin you could be with them today behind"
  • Boys In Bars - Bacon Brothers
    "Now you could hear that jukebox pound But you could barely see inside Now rumor had it years ago Is where that girl had died Now why they caled it a cafe Well I never understood Cause there aint no tables"

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