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T.I.: 56 Bars

Yea (Ay, ay, ay, alright)
Alright, Toomp, man, this what the folk been waitin' on, I guess (That's right)
Let's give it to 'em, baby (Ay, Grand Hustle, nigga)
Ay, man, they been waitin' on this shit since What You Know, huh? (Yeah, it's the king, bitch!)
Well, a'ight, my nigga, the wait is over, nigga (Hey, hey)

One for the money, two for the show, dog
Three for the niggas hatin' on the low, y'all
Know a picture's worth a million words, I'ma show y'all

Death before dishonor, family before all
Without the braids, I'm the closest thing to O-Dog
Minus the testimony, say it ain't so, homie!
Hey, shawty like that, don't he?
World hopped off my jock, I got 'em right back on it (Oh)

Stepped back, brushed myself off
Picked business back up right where I left off
I can show my dope, that other guy just talk
Ay, where I live just as big as your projects, dog

Ay, better check my swagger
How I walk, how I talk, how I stack that cheddar
What I drive, how I dress, nigga, let's just bet a
Hundred stacks on that, nigga, I'm just better

Somebody better tell 'em, man
They swag owe my swag everything
Very plain to see you study me awful hard
To the point that my swag need a bodyguard
I'd like to thank you, cousin
Oh, and y'all oughta be havin' y'all swag sendin' mines an apology

A lot of little me's I see, got beef?
What's the possibility? Stop, see, you not me
Hardly worth a hill of beans, step up to the guillotine
Get decapitated, don't see how half of you rappers made it
Say goodbye to the fame and fortune, c'est la vie
What the game need wit' you, nigga? They got me

I ride through the city so clean, seat really low
Auto-mo-biel-lies so pretty, but I'm Illy, though
No comparison, ain't a nigga more thorough than
This gangsta American flow, doper than heroin

King like Evelyn "Champagne," man
So deranged and belligerent, ranked up there with Benjamin
Who? Andre 3K, B.I.G., Jay-Z, UGK, Scarface, Makaveli the Great, Wayne, Common, Kanye and
Lupe, so fuck what you say, you welcome to ask who you may
Bet they say as of today, I'm back on top like a toupee

All objections overruled, it's overdue
Both high and sober too, I'm so high up over you
Same guy you see in the streets is as fly as here in the booth
So don't be surprised when you meet me to see I'm really the truth

Ooh, so uncouth, nigga, who want proof?
Must agree that shit I did, can't no one undo
I stay on my 1-2, nigga who want to
Turn a brunch into a brawl? Do what you gon' do

I'm why it's hot as a bitch in here
Still cool as a Frigidaire
This year I'm on a mission, dear
Think that was somethin,' listen here!
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T.I.: 56 Bars

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T.I.: 56 Bars
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T.I.: 56 Bars

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