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so bad - eminem

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so bad - eminem
  • Ariana Grande Shut Up
    "My presence sweet and my aura bright Diamonds good for my appetite Guess it fucking just clicked one night All hem demons helped me see shit differently So don’t be sad for me How you been spending your"
  • Roxette Let Your Heart Dance With Me
    "It was so easy To fall in love It got so simple To fall in love You know what i did I got excited We were united And so delighted It was so easy To laugh with you It was so simple To look at you You"
  • THE VAMPS Better
    "We fell in Now w’re fallin apart But do you even notice You’re sleeping whie w’re fallin apart going through the montions so tell me did things get bettre or did we get used to it tell me how did we"
  • Nothing But Thieves Impossible
    "Took a breathe, let it go Felt the moment settle so I couldn’t wait to tell you whiy I am standing here with this wakward smile And that’s because I could drown myslef in someone like you I could dive"
    "I do not know why I would go In front of you and hide my soul 'Cause you're the only one who knows it Yeah, you're the only one who knows it And I will hide behind my pride I don't know why I think I can"
    "You will never know what's behind my skull So won't you say good night, so I can say goodbye? You will never know what's under my hair So won't you say good night, so I can say goodbye? You will never"
  • Greta Van Fleet My Way, Soon
    "I’ve seeb many people There are s omany people Some are much younger people An soem are so old I’ve seen many places There are so many places An where are the people going Will they choose the road I’ve"
  • The Offspring Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)
    "You know it's kind of hard Just to get along today Our subject isn't cool But he fakes it anyway He may not have a clue And he may not have style But everything he lacks Well he makes up in denial So"
  • Kasia Moś Wait (feat. Magda Adamiak)
    "Love is strange I see you everywhere But i don’t belive you I won’t belive you I need more I was afraid too long I want to see you Just want to see you So wait It’s not to late We made mistake It’s all"
  • Monika Lewczuk Loving On Your Brain
    "i just wanna feel alice make belive i can fly breaking every single rule just make me feel ok so sure for once i got to figure it out gonna make it on my own life get better"

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