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TLC Waterfalls

  • Ain't 2 Pround 2 Beg - TLC
    "Yo mic check 1-2, 1-2 We in the house Yeah come on I ain't 2 proud 2 beg I ain't 2 proud 2 beg Yo T-Boz is ya being a boss Chilli what's up wit' dat sauce? Dis is it Yo "T" step on that (shhh) I ain't"
  • Das Da Way We Like 'Em - TLC
    "Yo it's me Left Eye not about to settle for anybody wit' A thang about me havin' to pary My life's havin' fun takin' a reason addin' season makin' It he's in what is pleasin' cause yo I gots one I am unordinary"
  • Das da way we like em - TLC
    "Yo it's me Left Eye not about to settle for anybody wit'A thang about me havin' to paryMy life's havin' fun takin' a reason addin' season makin'It he's in what is pleasin' cause yo I gots oneI am unordinary"
  • No Hooch - TLC
    "(tlc parody of the song "no scrubs") Not available for purchase A hooch is a girl that thinks she's all that And also known as a hoochie Trynna get money from all these guys 'cause she gots a big bootie"
  • Changes - TLC
    "Society of soul & t-boz (appears on the album brainchild) Yea sleepy brown What's here... What's here... Check it out (unh) If I were u and u were me Would u like what you see (ha, yea) And tell me why"
  • Get Away - TLC
    "TLC-Get Away (bonus track on Girl Talk single) Everytime you come around, you always put me down, you're always on my case. That's why I act this way, cuz livin day 2 day, Is hard enough. to face. No"
  • 3d Intro - TLC
    "3 trendsetters 3 aspirations 3 desires 3 signs 3 girls 3 personalities 3 styles 3 imaginations 3 styles 3 aspirations 3 girls 3 trendsetters 3 desires 3 imaginations 3 vibes 3 minds 3 dreams 3 personalities 3"
  • Who's It Gonna Be - TLC
    "Darkchild, TLC, let's go It seems like, when I'm with you Only crazy broads, seem to find you And I'm thinkin' like, how do they know you And just what are you into 'Cause I'm diggin' you, if everything"
  • Shock Dat Monkey - TLC
    "Yo dis is TLC Yeah and we're back to school da girlies And if n ya know dat yo man is startin' to flip Shock dat monkey on the TLC Tip Y'all know we ain't down for no monkey business Erri uuhh erri uuhh"
  • Crazy - TLC
    "(as performed on the 1999-2000 fanmail tour) Ladies and gentlemen Introducing crazy-sexy-cool Crazy What is crazy Something we find profound One having flaws or cracks untied Found mentally unbalanced"

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