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Teksciory singapore afternoun jp 432d

  • If The World Should Ever Stop - JP Cooper
    "I know the times are changing I know the times are strange No one knows about tomorrow I know that nothing's certain Some things you can't explain Time is stolen, time is borrowed All i know is I I won;t"
  • Call My Name - JP Cooper
    "Trust me Ain't got to be lonely You ain't got to be lonely Don't let it beat you So many people just see All the parts that are ugly And it's bringing you to your knees Don't you surrender I still remember The"
  • We Cry - JP Cooper
    "You say I kiss the bottle more that I kiss you And lately you've been needing something like a parachute Because you feel like you've been falling I leave first thing in the morning And we're scraping"
  • Need You Tonight (ft. RAY BLK) - JP Cooper
    "Oh no, I’m straight in at the deep end It was just a quiet drink with my friends My god I even chose a place you wouldn’t be seen dead in. It's a Friday You never used to go out at the weekend I guess"
  • Radio (Gospel) - JP Cooper
    "I woke the other night, thinking about you In fact it's every night that I'm thinking about you How we never tried, never tried, never tried And in the rear view, I see us breaking And those red light"
  • Runaway - R3HAB x Sigala x JP Cooper
    "I know we've been close since we were kids And you used to swing my way, Knock my door, come out to play You'd tell me everything I'm always listening To the stories that we made while we were sipping"
  • Wiwat szacunek - Roman Bosski & Piero
    "Ludziom zawsze patrzę szczerze prosto w oczy Chroń mnie Boże abym nie dał się zaskoczyć Jestem z tej dzielnicy gdzie w jedności siła Ogień JP, N.O.N. szacunek wiwat Dalej poczuj falę krzycz JP, JP Eksplozja"
  • Reprezentuj - Firma
    "Weź do ręki jointa i zajeb machaUhuhuhu... hahahaha...Weź tego jointa i znów zajeb sztachaUhuhuhu... hahahaha...Jestem tutaj Roman BosskiPorzuć swe troski, zostaw pogłoski, odstaw błahostkiElegancki rap"
  • 07/03/47 - Steel Prophet
    "Its not hard to fathom that we've been deceived By those in power who deal in greed Intelligent beings unable to breed Hold technological secrets for humanities need Sleeping victims this planet in slumber Unaware"
  • Girl - Adam Sandler
    "Arsenio (chris rock): Now don't leave us hanging with just that. Jp: Yeah, I hear that, arsenio. Yo guys, lets kick it! (music starts playing) Jp: Yo now, before we start singing, You also want to know"

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