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cheryl lynn
  • Barbara Lynn You'll Lose A Good Thing
    "Barbara Lynn Miscellaneous You'll Lose A Good Thing You'll Lose A Good Thing Barbara Lynn If you should lose me,oh yeah,you'll lose a good thing If you should lose me, oh yeah,you'll lose a good thing You"
  • Loretta Lynn He's Somewhere Between You And Me
    "(Loretta Lynn - Doyle Wilburn) I don't know the location he's usin' he's so close and still I can't see But I know all the heartache he's bringin' sure he's somewhere between you and me When you say that"
  • Loretta Lynn Darkest Day
    "(Loretta Lynn) Darlin' when you told me you were leavin' I thought that you were only foolin' me But here I am to face old blue tomorrow with a broken heart that's filled with misery It seems that my"
  • Loretta Lynn It Won't Seem Like Christmas
    "(Loretta Lynn) Everybody's busy decorating Christmas trees And outside icicles hanging from the eaves And the snowlakes are flyin' just as far as I can see But it won't seem like Christmas to me No it"
  • Loretta Lynn Close My Eyes
    "(Loretta Lynn) I know he knows I'm bad so why don't he close my eyes Cause as long as they stay open I can see where my heart lies It's burried at his beat and when he steps on it it cries Everybody knows"
  • Loretta Lynn It Just Looks That Way
    "(Loretta Lynn) No I'm not crying it just looks that way He thinks his leaving me will drive me mad silly boy he's the smallest hurt I've had These ain't tears I'm standing in it rains today No I'm not"
  • Loretta Lynn What's The Bottle Done To My Baby
    "(Loretta Lynn) We used to plan and talk of what we'd do but now you let the bottle talk for you But I still love the man you used to be oh what's the bottle done to my baby What's the bottle done to my"
  • Loretta Lynn One You Need
    "(Loretta Lynn) I'm not sayin' you don't love me cause I know you do But I have said enough to know you play some too You tear me all to pieces then you asked me not to bleed I'm the woman that you want"
  • Loretta Lynn Ten Little Reasons
    "(Loretta Lynn) There's a reason I keep living while I'm dyin' slow Everybody thinks we're happy but we're not I don't know why but I let him keep me cryin' So I guess one little reason's all I've got When"
  • Loretta Lynn Sneakin' In
    "(Loretta Lynn) It's now three o'clock in the morning the doorknob turns and you tiptoe to bed You think you're sneakin' in you should know better I know exactly what goes on inside your head You've been"

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